Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Best Christmas Dinner!!!

Today I was unbelievably blessed by my two men cooking our entire Christmas dinner.  They cooked whole baby potatoes, made the stuffing, prepared a nice mix of parsnips, carrots and peas, cooked the turkey to was so moist and delicious. The gravy and stuffing had lots of good sage, all I had to do was sit down and eat.  

We had an Italian boxed cake for dessert.  I purchased it last week at the Italian deli here and it was just perfect.  The icing sugar comes in a separate pack to be sprinkled on the cake before serving, so I was able to get my little slice cut before the sugar was added.  I love those Italian box cakes. They are kind of dry and not very sweet. This one had a nice eggy undertone to the flavour.  The guys added a thimbleful of whiskey to theirs to moisten it, but I like it just the way it is.  A half carb unit slice is more than enough for me.  

I was able to clean up the entire kitchen after dinner.  The guys were exhausted after being up half the night and then working so hard on the dinner, so they both had naps while I put the food away, stripped down the turkey, washed the pots, cleaned the stove top and counters AND I actually, for the first time since we moved here, loaded up the dishwasher to clean most of the other dishes.  I got the floor swept up, the dining room table wiped and generally made myself useful for the first time today!  Then I sat up and visited for over 3 hours. So, I am guessing my meds are finally starting to have some positive effect on this crazy infection. Thank you Lord for that!!

Our son brought us some nice gifts.  There were some bags of wonderful green tea from his recent trip to Japan, special salt from BC, a big piece of honey comb for his dad to enjoy and for me, a marvellous BC pottery vase thrown in the typical west coast fashion...thick pottery with ridges and earthy colours.  I love it!  What an unexpected treat.  Our son is delighted that his new accountant was able to get him a tax refund from two years ago that he qualified for and wasn't allowed to have originally for some wierd reason.  He was able to pay off his immigration lawyer and have a bit left over for our gifts.  How very kind.

We had a nice telephone visit with Mom and Dad this afternoon.  They had just opened their Christmas gift box from us. I asked Mom if they liked their presents and she shouted, "YES!!!"  haha Success!  haha

Our Muslim friends called us tonight to wish us a Merry Christmas and see if we are well enough to visit them before our son goes home.  If nothing else, my husband and son will go and see them.  Mohammed wants to meet our son and talk to him about the possibility of commissioning an Islamic tile painting.  I asked Nermine how her kids cope with not celebrating Christmas as they have a lot of non-Muslim friends, but today is the oldest son's birthday and he had his party yesterday, receiving gifts and eating special foods for that. No hardship for the kids with that birthday happening right at Christmas.

Well, it is after 10pm and I am starting to feel kind of tired again so it must be time for bed.  I have been up since 5:30pm after sleeping away most of the rest of the between blog posts.  I am SO grateful to be able to blog about my boring life when I feel too ill to do anything else.  I can feel somewhat useful without having to do much! haha 

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Susan Erlenbach said...

This is awesome news!! So pleased you had a wonderful dinner, time with your son and an amazing dinner cooked for you!