Thursday, December 22, 2016

This Is For Cheryl From Woodland CA

Oooooooh my dear friend, in the process of setting up my new computer yesterday your email addie is one in an entire file that disappeared. I did not realize any were missing until I went to email you Christmas greetings this morning! I am so sorry. I need to keep a hard copy of all my email contacts and have now learned my lesson!

Between busyness and having a cold and lung infection since the second week of October, I did not get much in the way of cards/letters sent this year, so will write your special greeting here:

Have the merriest Christmas ever....may you and Ken continue to have the happiness you deserve in the new year! May a new job be forthcoming and may peace and joy fill your days!

I am so happy you have stayed in, do you believe how many years it has been since we were at SAIT together??? Yikes!

If you get a chance to drop me an email so I can re-save your addie I would appreciate it. Thank you Cheryl. Many blessings be yours in the new year!

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