Monday, December 5, 2016

Update on Mom.....Well....Wadda Ya' Know.......(see previous post)

Dad just called with the latest update.  Mom's tests today once again showed absolutely nothing what the specialsts have decided:  that the problems are related to her STOMACH!!!!  

Guess I'm not always as dumb as I appear.....surprise, surprise......

The doctor gave Mom a massive dose of Gaviscon at noon and it had no effect on the acid reflux she finally admitted to having had most of last night.  So, another dose was adminstered an hour later, still with no effect.  

Mom called Dad on the hospital phone a few minutes ago to tell him what happened and that nothing has been said yet about her going home today after all. What Dad and I are hoping is that she will be sent within the hospital to someone who specializes in acid reflux and other stomach problems for more tests. However, if that does not happen, as soon as she IS released, Dad is making an appointment immediately with her GP to ask for a referral to a stomach specialist.

I think I am even more concerned now than I was initially.  She finally admitted to Dad how often her attacks of acid reflux have been happening...for the past 2 YEARS and of course she has not said one word to anyone about the increasing frequency and duration of the episodes.  Acid reflux can turn into so many other serious conditions, so now I don't know whether to be even more worried about what is happening to her health. She has had acid reflux for at least a decade but we didn't know how much worse her symptoms have been in the past 2 YEARS!!!  O MOM!!!!

Guess I will find out eventually. Poor Dad is so tired today.  The maintenance crew started clearing his facility's parking lot before 4am after some snowfall and then at 5am the sidewalk cleaning equipment started buzzing. His bedroom window looks right out on that area. Dad sounds terrible today so I hope he is getting some sleep even though he and a driving friend are on standby to pick Mom up if she is released today.  Mentally I am still on standby too. If something is seriously wrong with mom's stomach and there is the smallest thing I can do to be helpful to her and Dad I will be on a plane bound for Calgary whether I am welcome or not!

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