Sunday, December 25, 2016

White Christmas

We had a huge dump of snow here overnight and it is still coming down.  I feel terrible for the city workers out there clearing the streets on Christmas Day and I feel even sorrier for the maintenance crew at our complex.  Looks like every last one of them are here motoring about on bobcats and small tractor units clearing the snow from the sidewalks and parking lots.  What a crappy Christmas for these dear folk.  Glad they didn't have to come in until 9am instead of their usual 6:30am, so hopefully those with kids have had a chance to have a family gift opening or special breakfast or something Christmasy before they had to come to work.

I slept for 5 straight hours without coughing!  I haven't coughed much since getting up for breakfast an hour ago either.  I am conscious of being quite ill, underneath the fuzzy glow of the rather strong meds I started taking yesterday, but the meds keep me from caring.  I have eaten, the turkey is finishing thawing in the sink to go into the oven at about 2pm, my husband is up working on a photo project on his computer and hopefully our son is sleeping through the noise of the snow clearing equipment.  We have put a lot of prayer into his health with him walking into this suite filled with illness for his holiday.

So, in between cooking tonight's meal and visiting a bit, I am going to spend a lot of time just laying in bed and resting.  Now that our son is finally here we can all relax and just enjoy chillin'.

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