Thursday, December 29, 2016

You Know You Need To Start Your Own Blog Site When....... feel a strong desire to try your skills as a writer out of the limelight of people who themselves actually know what good writing is and therefore you will be able to maintain the illusion that you have a modicum of talent have a sad committment and determination to telling the world about the minutiae of your life and find the number of folk on your email contact list too limited an audience want to give the folk on your email contact list a break from a constant barrage of detailed emails that they, being the caring, concerned, kind types that they are, will feel obligated to respond to in just as much detail, cussing you quietly under their collective breath for making them feel so obligated by the sheer volume of email you send to them yourself are as caring, concerned and kind to your friends as they are to you and want to give them the option of reading the minutiae of your life at their own convenience....or (horrors) not at all, and then respond only as the fancy takes them want to feel the subtle surge of power that accompanies the words, "Oh, I blogged about that you have access to my blog?  I can send you the link!" have the strong desire to let the blogosphere family, friends and lurkers alike know that you ate a ham sandwich for lunch, but the limited number of characters for your Twitter account does not allow you to describe that cloying smoke house flavour of the meat, or the crispness of the newly picked organic lettuce, or the piquancy of the European specialty mustard no one reading about your meal has ever heard of and couldn't care less fact, truth be known, couldn't care less that you ate lunch at all, let alone what the fare turned out to be have lost all self control as to when and how often you pick up the telephone to call everyone you have ever been given a phone number for in your entire life, with no regard given to what time it is or possible circumstances going on in their lives at that exact moment, nor any remembrance that you have all ready called them every day that week at the same incredibly inconvenient time of day in their lives feel incompetent and lazy if you do not have some sort of activity, no matter how ultimately mindless, to occupy your time no matter how ill or otherwise incapacitated you happen to be on any given day

...somewhere in the dim recesses of your brain you begin to comprehend that it is not actually necessary to contact the same people day after day in a more personal form to rehearse, again, problems you have with other friends or family...friends or family the people you are talking to or emailing so constantly do not know, have never known, will never know and, by the time you are done ranting incessantly about them and their inconsideration to you personally, will never want to know need a safe place to take out your own manic tendencies where no one will hate you for going on and on about the thrill of, say, housework ad nauseum, ad infinitum, so you can get back in emotional control of your own boring life want to have the last laugh on all the people who think that you record absolutely every detail of your daily life in your blog, because you post so often it is easy for them to make that mistake and then when you do something you "fail" to report you can have a good giggle at their expense and feel like you have really gotten away with something amazing, when in fact it was something rather plebian

So new readers of all sorts: welcome to Sue's Views and the reasons for it.....


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