Thursday, January 26, 2017

40 Years of Wedded.........................................????????

Admit it, you thought I was going to use the word "bliss" to complete the subject line, didn't you?  C'mon now, admit it!  teehee

Even though we are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on this date in March, I cannot use that word.  My husband can't either.  There has not been much bliss. There wasn't during our "dating" period (and even the word "dating" has to be used loosely), there wasn't during our wedding ceremony, there wasn't during our honeymoon and there certainly hasn't been much bliss during the past 4 decades of marriage.....AND that is absolutely OKAY with us!  Yes, it is!!  We may not have had a lot of bliss, but we have NEVER been bored!

We have experienced joys and sorrows like any married couple, adventure of all types, fear, paranoia, spiritual growth and spiritual disasters, a variety of churches and cults to keep our interest in spiritual life alive even if not always well, charging toward new ideas, clinging to the old ideas, move upon move upon move for job upon job upon job, financial feast and famine, kids and their friends, kids and their school days, kids and their screwups, kids and their ability to instill pride in their parents, extended family assistance and interference, gains and losses, an ongoing carousel of vehicles old and older, fights and making up, memories kept and forgotten, health issues from one extreme to the other, mutual and individual friendships.......yeah, it has been a pretty good ride all told, both because of and in spite of.

We have not made any plans for our big 40th anniversary.  In terms of the time of year and my husband's busyness at work we couldn't have picked a more difficult time of year to be wanting to free time!  There hasn't even been time lately to sit down together and discuss our anniversary.  I haven't even looked to see what day of the week it is and if we have anything scheduled for church or specific work events that cannot be skipped out on to so much as go out for dinner.  Well, I suppose mystery can be a good thing........or not.........

40 years.......and they said it wouldn't last......sigh........  Who said this you ask?  Weeeeellll, pretty much every member of our families and peer group!  haha  Our minister and his wife were the only ones who saw "us" and truly believed we had a good chance of staying together for the long haul.  Thank you John and had the discernment no one else had, not even ourselves.



Susan Erlenbach said...

You are funny and awesome anxious entertaining...
Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!! teepee
Love Susan and Bill

Susan said...

Thanks you two. Our two families have experienced similar trials in varying degrees over the decades, haven't they? Yet, here we are still married. Quite a testimony to the transforming power of God.
Bless your hearts.