Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Good Old Fashioned Blizzard!

It is 11pm and I have given up trying to sleep for now.  There is a blizzard of blowing snow going on outside and the wind is buffeting our building.  The roof sounds like it is going to blow right off as it creaks and groans, the walls are shaking and the cold air is rushing in around the poorly installed windows. Under the eaves the wind circles around and howls like a pack of wolves are out there. The windchill is in the middle minus 30's.  

Highways from west central Saskatchewan, south and east to the Manitoba border, are under travel advisories. Travel is not recommended due to zero visibility from blowing snow.  I suspect our highway will be closed before morning.  Looking out the living room window I see sheets of snow blowing down the street, obscuring the street lights.  The snow is blowing across the back lawn, completely filling in the pathway I so carefully dug out to the parking lot earlier today.  Once this wind dies down tomorrow I will be a busy woman shovelling that pathway back out again.  It is going to take a long time and much effort to restore it without giving myself a heart attack or wrecked back muscles from the heavy lifting.  One thing I have learned about shovelling is that I need to take my time and have a rest every few yards, but I love doing it.

Apart from the inconveniences of digging the car out and trying to get around the city tomorrow for banking and groceries, I have to admit I kind of enjoy watching the blizzard out there.  Nature's weather whims, particularly the winter ones, fascinate me...always have.  I gripe about winter woes along with the rest of the prairie folk, but in reality I am definitely still a 4 season kind of gal!

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