Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Much Needed Relaxing Day

Had a rather short sleep last night, asleep by 9pm but awake for the day as of 3:30am. Sigh........

It has been a marvellous day though. We were breakfasted, packed and ready to go when my husband's sister arrived to pick us up at 9am. We had a chilly but uneventful drive to Penticton and an unexpectedly wonderful visit with uncle! He was in top form today and was even able to converse with us in a voice sufficiently loud enough to be heard. Usually he can't talk at all now that the Parkinson's has robbed him of his voice. His wife spent some time with us as well and we were able to stay for two hours. It was a blessing to see him that way.

A pub lunch preceded another uneventful drive back to Kelowna. Predicted snow has yet to arrive. My Dad called to give us a code to enter their seniors' facility so we can get in to our suite no matter what time we get to Calgary. That is a stress off.

Seeing the lake, the remains of a small slide beside the road, the stubby snow flecked mountains....true refreshment to my soul. Being ill and housebound for so long has been responsible for most of my stress over the last while. I suspect life and emotions will be very much back to normal by the time we get home! Yay!

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