Friday, January 20, 2017

Another Shot In The Arm

Yesterday  morning I went to the doctor for my osteoporosis injection.  I forget in between each one just how painful the administration of subcutaneous injections is....ooooowwwww! But only for a few seconds.  This time I had no swelling or pain afterward in my armThe one constant is the lack of sleep the night after the shot.  I lay awake until 4:50am this morning...aiii yiiii.....I am SO tired today, but maybe I can have a wee nap this afternoon. Doubtful, as I am not a day time napper unless I am extremely ill and even then I fight it.  However, my housecleaning tasks are all ready completed this morning and I can relax about that between now and when our Sunday afternoon company arrives.  How I love the bleachy odor of freshly cleaned bathroom fixtures and linoleum floors. All I have to do now for our guests is bake an almond/vanilla cake and thaw some frozen fruit Sunday morning to spoon over it.  Since my husband is working out of town between now and then the suite should stay fairly clean in the meantime.

My poor husband worked a 13 hour day yesterday due to an evening committee meeting that met for a good 2 hours longer than they usually meet.  He got to work a bit late this morning, but will be working in Maple Creek by dinner tonight and all day tomorrow.  He will more than make up the almost hour he was late going in this morning.  

I utilized my time alone last evening rather well.  I ended up completing most of the housework I orginally planned to do this morning.  That left me with very little that had to be done after breakfast today. What a great feeling of happy surprise for myself! 

A friend from out of town MAY be coming for tea this afternoon, so that would be lovely, but if she doesn't show up I can do the baking.

Tomorrow morning is our weekly choir practise and I am looking forward to seeing if we have a few more men turn out this week, our second practise of the term.  I am concerned this set of songs is a bit too difficult for our little group and if we don't get the basses and tenors padded out with new fellows we aren't going to sound nearly as well as we did last term.  I all ready have to miss next week's practise to be in Salt Coats for a seminar presentation on forgiveness and not taking offense that I am assisting my husband with.  So, I will be no help at all to the choir myself next week.  

God has certainly raked me over the coals over the past 2 weeks to affirm my trust in his provision.  I am rather certain he refused to jog the memory of the person who owes us money so that I could once again experience his ability to provide in different wild and wonderful ways this month.  I am so very human it is pathetic, but when I saw the person the day he was to pay us and he said he hadn't remembered to bring a cheque with him, I was instantly, INSTANTLY, transported back to our stressful disasters of the last years of self-employment when that statement was the norm rather than the exception.  The bad memories/feelings didn't last long, but long enough for God to want to let me know I didn't need to get back into the old pattern of worrying that lasted for the first 2 or 3 years of our former distress.  Apparently it wasn't enough for me to just tell God honestly I do trust him to help us over the rest of this month even without that cheque, he had to show me what he could do all over again, just like the old days; kind of a godly sort of "nyaa, nyaa, look what I can still do, would ya'?"   Okay, okay, I get it.   This month AND retirement will be looked after just like the rest of our financial life has been.  Okay, okay, okay..........  I put that fear to rest all ready last week, but God still had to prove himself to remind me I am not trusting in my own vain imaginings, but in a living, loving, heavenly father.  And I admit I am rather grateful for that righteous but caring, "nyaa, nyaa..........".

Well, off to search the baking cupboards to be sure I have the ingredients I need for that almond/vanilla cake! 

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