Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Brrrrrr.....NOT the Day To Re-introduce Myself To the Great Outdoors!!! Chatter, Chatter.....

Wow....we really are back in the deep freeze this week!!  After piddling about all day, clinging to my Mark's Comfy Robe in the hopes I would be able to convince myself we can live without food for the rest of the week in order to avoid going to the grocery store, I finally steeled myself at 2pm, put on warm clothes and outerwear and headed outside.

Eeeeeeyikes!!!  I haven't been out of this place since Friday afternoon, when the weather was much warmer.  The blast of -41C windchill that attacked me on the back porck nearly knocked me down.  It blew several pieces of carboard out of the bin I was taking to our parking lot recycling and they scattered all around the back yard area. Fortunately I was able to chase them all down and get them securely into the recycling...eventually!  Breathing in that cold air got me coughing again for the first time in several days....yecch!

The car started but it did complain a bit, despite having been plugged in for 2 days.  I let it get nice and toasty warm before heading to the post office and the grocery store.  So, SO grateful to have that vehicle.  It just "feels" safer than the last one in this kind of bitter weather.  The studded tires are a huge help driving around the extremely icy city streets.

I caught myself taking my sweet time in the grocery aisles.  Once I got outside it felt wonderful to be getting in touch with the rest of humanity again after hibernating so much over the past two or three weeks.  Overcoming the idea of being out in the cold is more than half the battle for me when I get lazy about the work involved in merely starting and de-icing the vehicle.  Once I get the job done then it is equally difficult to feel motivated to come home again.

My dear husband was going to make a mercy run for the absolute food essentials if I didn't go for a bigger load today.  He was going to walk the 2 or 3 blocks and back and that is wonderfully kind of him, but I didn't want him wandering about out there until he has to go to work tomorrow morning.  His third round of this infection has not headed into his lungs like mine did. It has filled the lymph glands in the back of his head and neck. O, he is in such pain!  Those glands are often his default setting for various infections when no other obvious symptoms manifest themselves.  It has been that way since his CFS problems began over 30 years ago.  On the one hand he is glad not to be coughing and sneezing and wheezing any more. On the other hand he was in so much pain in the middle of the night last night he woke up and had to get not only a pain killer but the heated wheat bag as well to lay his sore head on.  This morning it was some better but as usual one entire side of his face felt like it was going to shrivel off from the pain.  Fortunately it has eased considerably this afternoon.  That poor man.  He suffers enough from food sensitivity related headaches without adding to the pain with these darned lymph glands being all swollen and sore.  I hope it doesn't last too many days.  There was no way I was sending him outside with that going on in his body. He needs another day today to just rest and watch tv and do very little.

Tonight he will settle the questions about our hotel shuttle from the airport on Friday evening and get our car rental sorted out for the last leg of our trip next week. That will be enough work for him for the day!

Hopefully we will be out from under this extreme cold weather warning by tomorrow. As I was driving home from the store the wind was picking up speed and snow was starting to blow about rather wickedly.  I pray for those commuting on the highways to their homes outside the city after work today. Blowing snow can obscure vision and the lines on the highway rather rapidly.

I am glad this week seems to be going by rather slowly.  It gives me far less stress about the flying on the weekend.  If our flights weren't so darned late at night it would be easier, but trying to time meals and diabetic happy snacks around those flights was not first in my thoughts while we were booking, stupid me!  Next time.........

It sure will be great to see our son for another day next week as we all meet at Mom's and Dad's for the big birthday feast.  Nice to have such good things to look forward to. Despite the occasion of a Celebration of Life and missing step-dad, it will also be nice to see my husband's family on the weekend.  One way or another we will get to see each other after my husband's sister had to cancel her trip here in November.

Perhaps once we are back next week life will slow down a bit as far as making plans too far in advance and then worrying something will happen to mess things up.  Paying for air fares etc. so far in advance with winter weather and winter viral illnesses to be concerned about does stress me out, I admit it.

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