Thursday, January 12, 2017

Clean Carpet Side Effect and Other Good Things

We have now slept for two nights in a row in this suite with freshly cleaned carpets. We have now awakened two mornings in a row with clear sinuses, no aches, no pains, no stuffiness in our noses. Our suspicions that these carpets were never cleaned properly before we moved in seem to have merit. The allergens that seemed to be effecting me adversely appear to have finally been sucked out of the carpet fibres. All the loose fibres I am constantly dusting off the furniture are, at least temporarily, gone in the carpet cleaning truck! Yay!

The return of mental energy, between being able to breathe properly once again and the break out of here for a few days, is a relief. I was beginning to wonder if I was sinking into some form of depression. I finally feel like myself again. Yippee!

So, sometime today I will brave the extreme cold, try to get the car started and head out for some badly needed groceries.

My husband put in a half day at work yesterday. He spent the afternoon in a meeting with the Bishop and other office colleagues preparing for their yearly planning session tomorrow. My husband came home extremely encouraged that everyone in the office is on the same  wave length about seeking the Lord regarding the future of this diocese, which seems to be reaping the consequences for ignoring the prophetic voices from as far back as 1961, according to the archived documents the staff looked at yesterday. Warnings about possible problems arising, the very ones our diocese currently faces, were predicted way back then, along with solutions, were strongly reiterated in the seventies, eighties and nineties, continued to be ignored and now the present diocesan staff have some extreme decisions that have to be made about the future. The next two days will be days of prayer together seeking ways to best implement solutions all ready known and for a few more answers regarding our general direction for the future. It is no longer possible to continue putting the time and energy presently being spent on the immediate needs as well as burning out attempting to catch up on thirty to forty years of paper work etc. that was never done properly during that time. It is an exciting time, but one that will require a tremendous amount of prayerful discernment. Implementing standard training procedures for lay ministries has been an important start, even if it hasn't been popular, after decades of drifting away from the very things that make us Anglican. Our Bishop is prepared to take the fallout for attempting to return to standards of all kinds and to better assist the rural parishes with leadership so that things don't have to continue in willy-nilly fashion to keep them alive. The staff is realizing they have to be more deliberate in diocesan choices, less tempted to make decisions based on desperation to meet immediate needs. My husband came home from work happier than I have seen him in a long time.

Suddenly there is much to look forward to in the coming year. My husband has good plans for ministry. Our son is making his plans for the move south. I start choir practise again this Sunday. The new priest for our church is being inducted this week. Lotsa' great stuff!

Off to shovel the 5cm of fresh snow from the deck and dig out the path to the car. The wind blew some rather large drifts into high, shiny white peaks on the lawn....kinda pretty in a chilly sort of way. The extreme windchill is going to continue until tomorrow morning, but we can't wait any longer for groceries.

Time to get to work out there!

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