Thursday, January 12, 2017

Guess I'm Not Going To Be Shoveling After All!

My husband just telephoned from his office to tell me I will not be outside wielding the shovel today.  I am allowed to take the snow off the back porch with a broom and that is all!

Apparently it is the coldest day of the winter thus far with the extreme windchill and the snow is packed so hard on top I will have to chop my way through it to get to the scoop shoveling, only chopping....sigh.... He said his walk to work was a nightmare of hard packed snowdrifts and more like a horizontal ice "climb" than a walk across a prairie city.

The idea of starting the car and heading across town for groceries and banking is not a good one according to him, so he will go out of his own way to walk the extra two blocks and back for milk at the grocery store after work today.

What a sweet man!  He said we can eat scrambled eggs and toast if that is all the food we have left for dinner and that he can manage without the toast! hahaha  However, he doesn't want me outside doing any work.  Since I don't allow him to shovel snow, it can all just wait until tomorrow's slight increase in temperatures. (I don't allow him to shovel because he has no concept of restraint.  He hates doing it so he goes at it too hard and too quickly and wears himself out so badly on even the smallest of shoveling tasks that I fear he will have a heart attack or a is unreal how bad his physical condition is after shoveling...his own fault, so I don't let him even attempt it.)

So, how often does a person get permission to just spend the day doing very little other than a few easily accomplished indoor chores. Apparently I am also too tired to be cleaning house today instead of shoveling.  Wow...bonus!  A lazy day...with a permit to have it so.

Okay, hot shower and Mark's Comfy I come!!!

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