Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Can't Believe I CHOSE To Eat at Swiss Chalet!!

Seriously, today I deliberately ate lunch at the Swiss Chalet beside Southland Mall here in Regina. (Those of you who know me well know I would rather gnaw on a strip of rawhide as a rule, than go to a Swiss Chalet type of chain for a meal.)

Why then, you ask, did I go there today? 

Well, because they serve a grilled chicken caesar salad that is perfect for my diet!  The lettuce has always been fresh, no brown spots or edges and today was no exception.  There is only the slightest amount of fatty dressing and the least sprinkling of grated cheese on the salad, perfect for my lower fat and sodium diet.  Plus, there is a massive grilled chicken breast on top, the largest amount of chicken I ever get on any restaurant salad.  The chicken tastes as if it has received the minimum possible dose of added salt when cooking, again perfect for me.  I ask them to leave the croutons off because they are usually stale, with tooth breaking possibilities, but I do order a side of garlic toast.  The "toast" is actually a soft, elongated bun...there is surely a special name for a bun that shape, but I can't think of what it would be just at the moment.  It beats the heck out of the garlic toast I generally get in this city: thin, stale, blackened and completely tasteless except for a smattering of garlic butter generally right in the centre of the board-like slices. My salad today looked terribly plain and uninspiring, as always, but for me it is perfecto!

I have had the same salad at other Swiss Chalets, since my parents often like to go there in Calgary when we visit them, but the same salads there have been soggy, tasteless affairs that I can barely manage to choke down.  For some reason this particular outlet knows exactly how to make caesar salads the way I enjoy them. 

It was nice to have a treat out today in the midst of all my errands.  My husband will have the car for the next 2 days for work so I will be here at home, stranded....waaaaaah....hahaha. Nope, not stranded. There is a bus and I have a ride to choir on Saturday.  Also, I am going to start a major house cleaning project in a few minutes and it will take me most of tomorrow as well to complete.  If the car is gone I will have no temptation to renege on my housewifely duties by going out somewhere unnecessarily.  

Good timing on having and not having the car this week!

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