Monday, January 16, 2017

I Don't See the Point.......... getting dressed on freezing cold winter days when I all ready know I will not be going out that day!  I mean, why bind myself up in jeans and teeshirts or whatever when my Mark's Comfy Robe, tatami slippers and a warm pair of wool socks are calling out to me, right?  Of course right!!

Yesterday, Sunday, was a very busy day.  I was allowed to join in with the choir at St. James for the combined service of commissioning for the new priest serving them and my church, St. Philip.  It was great fun, some of the nicest women I have met recently were so welcoming to me and the other singers from St. Philip's.  It was a happy, encouraging service and I certainly do like our new priest, Rev. Yee. 

We enjoyed a delicious sandwich and veggie luncheon afterward with a special cake prepared for the commissioning, the visiting was excellent as we were able to mingle the congregations fairly well to meet and greet each other and share our excitement about some new directions we may be able to go and grow together.

My husband was able to get me home about 7 minutes before my ride to choir practise for Amici arrived to pick me up!  So, I had no time to change out of my skirt and into more comfortable, casual wear.  Shortly after I arrived home from a marvellously encouraging choir practise, my husband decided he needed dinner and wasn't prepared to wait for my cooking attempts, so out we went to Lancaster Taphouse for a delicious usual....

During the entire day I was forced to leave my "church clothes" on and by the time I got ready for bed last night I was ready to wrap my pantyhose around my neck and end it all....goooooood grief those danged things are uncomfortable after being worn for over 12 hours!!  The stocking feet were plasted in wool from the foot of my boots, which also had been worn for the better part of the day.  O my it felt good to wriggle out of the stockings, hang up my suit and crawl into my Mark's Comfy Robe for the rest of the evening.

This morning I kind of lazed around with my husband after we both had a much needed sleep in.  Now I am dressed once again in actual "out of the house" clothing, preparing to head out to do some necessary chores for the week.  I do love his Mondays off as we do lots of little errands together.  Unfortunately he has to work tomorrow, so I am glad he could take a good deal of yesterday afternoon and evening off instead.

One day this week he will have to take the car to work for the day.  I hope that will be my next day to not have to bother getting dressed and going out in the cold!  I have a sad case of the Winter Lazies, that is for sure!  I all ready have a ride to choir practise next Saturday morning and my husband is taking the car on Friday to meetings out of town for a couple of days.  Again, I will get a chance to stay indoors for the day, after choir rehearsal, and laze about in that wonderful bathrobe of mine.  teehee  First I am so housebound I can't wait to get out of here, then after running about madly for a few days I am content to have time alone at home.  Perverse, eh?  haha

Well, if we are going to get our chores accomplished we had better get started. First on the list is looking in the daylight for my teaspoon ring that pulled off my finger in the car last night after I snagged it on the buckle of my purse strap.  It has apparently fallen into a hole under the driver's seat and with a failing flashlight in the dark last evening we were unable to locate it.  Time to check again.

Have a happy day everyone.

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