Sunday, January 1, 2017

My favourite Kinda New Year's Eve Celebration

Last night we were able to share our most favourite kind of New Year's Eve celebration: a few appetizer snacks with a glass of wine, a light dinner, watching the annual Ron James year end comedy special and into bed sleeping before 10pm!  It was perfect!!  Aaaaaah..........

The return to the deep freeze style temperatures and the fresh dump of snow meant the bus stop outside my bedroom window saw few visitors during Regina Transit's free NYE safe ride home campaign.  I heard nary a sound until about 7:30am when some maintenance staff here came and cleaned off all the sidewalks, followed by the homecoming of some very noisy all night partiers from across the parking lot who spent a good fifteen minutes counting change for their fare and wishing the beleaguered taxi driver a happy new year, all at the top of their inebriated lungs, haha.  Last year's warm and dry new year was a bit of a nightmare at that bus stop until about 4am, so this year it was the most quiet, wonderful new year ever!!

The annual family celebration over at Candy Cane Park allowed us free viewing of some spectacular fireworks over the tree tops at around 6:30pm.  It is so dark by then these days that the kids can see the fireworks and be home early enough to be put to bed before their parents head out for more adult entertainments to see in the new year.  Once again, crazy as this housing complex is, the location is perfect even for viewing fireworks year round from nearly any of our windows.

So, the sun is shining, it is -22C outside and that will set the tone for temperatures over the next 14 days or so.  The car has to be plugged in again.  I will have to go out and shovel my way out to the vehicle again in between loads of the laundry I MUST do today, I am back to washing dishes by hand, I am arguing with my husband about when I can take down the Christmas tree and decorations since for me it is all over once the son goes home, but for my husband's dear Anglican heart the 12 days of Christmas have only reached day #8.  hahaha

Not sure if I will bother getting dressed today or not....I think the few groceries I need can wait until tomorrow...or the next day......yawn....lazy, lazy, lazy, but so good to be feeling well again at last.

Our church service today is combined with the United church's service, Lessons and Carols, but we are not going.  It is the United church's year to pick the carols and if they use the lyrics they have changed so that their one transgendered person feels "safe", I will end up walking out anyway because I am so tired of one wounded soul having all the control over what the rest of us equally wounded souls are allowed to sing about.  In a church whose goal is that everyone should feel safe, I am the one who does not feel safe because my denomination has another over 2 years before our canon laws change to allow for same sex marriage and deal more effectively with other gender related issues.  I have been verbally attacked all ready more than once by members of their congregation for no reason other than I attend the Anglican congregation...I didn't know the people involved and they don't know me either.  So, that is my first day of the new year rant. Trying to mix an even somewhat nominally Christian congregation with a congregation that is not particularly Christian, nor wanting to be, is not a good mix and I wish our leadership group would figure it out!  Technically we are not in a covenant communion with the United Church and so trying to do services together is difficult at the best of times, simply because we believe different things about God.  It is their "god within" vs our "God without".  We enjoy each other best when we are each left to our own devices for planning services for our members and do our visiting together in the lobby between our service and theirs.

Off to sort that laundry and enjoy the humidity running the washing machine puts into the air in this dry suite.  I think the humidifier made a huge difference to our son this visit.  We had it blasting in his bedroom the whole time he was here and it is the first winter visit to Saskatchewan he has made where his nose and sinuses didn't bother him one bit.  Thank you Lord!

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