Saturday, January 7, 2017

New City, Same Deep Freeze!

Well.....we made it to Kelowna just after 11:30pm yesterday. It is almost as bitterly cold here (warmer air temperature, higher humidity) as it is at home. It is nice to have so little ice on the streets and sidewalks, but I will definitely be wearing my winter boots for the 8 block walk to the Yacht Club this afternoon! Although I accidentally left a couple of necessities at home, requiring a walk to the pharmacy earlier this morning, I did remember to bring my dress shoes and light carry bag. Yay!

One of my husband's colleagues drove us to the airport last amazing blessing that saved us stress over whether or not a pre-ordered taxi would arrive in time, or else a $75 charge if we had taken our own vehicle and left it parked at the airport until our return. God bless that wonderful woman.

The flights passed in a blur of bright runway lights, pitch dark skies, clouds, cups of iced water in-flight, stale pretzel snacks, fruit bars at 1am to keep my blood sugar in check, a dreadfully long walk between planes in Calgary, exhaustion, naps, a talkative seat mate who coughed and sneezed all over of the airplanes that slowed down departures by more than 20 minutes per flight and yet made us only five minutes late arriving at our final destination and wonderful Wally the shuttle driver here. By the time we checked into our very nice hotel, the renovated Royal Anne, we were so wired we had a lot of trouble getting to sleep even though it was after 3am Saskatchewan time for us!

I woke up once every hour once I did get to sleep, trying to make sure I got up for breakfast at the right time to get my meals back on schedule. Crazy! The hotel breakfast is actually pretty good as continental hotel breakfasts go and I felt much better after a breakfast similar to what I eat every day at home. After breakfast I thoroughly enjoyed my walk to the pharmacy, even discovering one tiny cafe that was happy to make me a small taco salad for lunch to take back in my hotel room. My husband had a choice of four sushi take out restaurants right on our hotel block so we didn't have to cram a restaurant visit in before the 1pm Celebration of Life.

More later.....

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