Monday, January 2, 2017

Oh, I So Enjoyed "Sully"!!

We rented the movie "Sully" last night and had a happy evening watching it.  Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart both did a fine job protraying the flight team in charge of landing their jet on the Hudson River when both engines failed after flying into a flock of birds after taking off from the airport in New York City.  I hope they both get nominated for at least one of the myriad important acting awards as we enter that season for 2017.

Why can't there be more quality movies such as this one?  It was so good to watch a film portraying actual adult people and not gross, cartoon caricatures of human beings.  I didn't have to plug my ears against bathroom humour or incessant use of unnecessary profanity to enjoy the show.  The script was tight. The story was based on a real incident and that always adds to the interest for me. The photography was beautifully done and held my attention. The acting was excellent across the board.

For $6.95 from my MAX tv movie rentals I had the most enjoyable two hours of moving watching I have had in quite awhile.  Good job everyone who made this movie.

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