Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Please Pray My Husband Gets Well SOON!

So my poor husband has yet to return to work after his week off over Christmas and New Years. Sigh...he has been hit like the rest of us with the final attack, phase 3, of these virulent viruses.  Phase 3 seems to hit everyone differently, depending on the area of most vulnerability. For me it was my lungs, for another friend her kidneys and for my husband it is the lymph nodes in the back of his head and neck.  He has struggled with that sort of thing since developing CFS several decades ago and o wow...he is still in such pain after over 48 hours of this.  Thanking God for our big wheat bag he can heat up and wrap around his neck overnight to ease the pain. At least he is well past the time of contagion.

SO, he HAS to be sufficiently recovered to get on the plane to Kelowna on Friday evening and to do his step-father's Celebration of Life the next day.  He has not even been able to return to the office, let alone start preparing his packing for a trip.  I know if he could stay home the entire time between now and when we leave it would be the best thing, the most healing thing, but whether or not he will be able to relax sufficiently to do that and not worry about the office work until next week......oooh, not sure he will manage that.

Thank you for your prayers for him. The stress is almost as debilitating as the illness.

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