Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rebuilding Muscles!

I finally succeeded after lunch today in exercising for more than 30 minutes. I got a full 40 minutes in for the first time in months!  Gradually I have been working up again from last year's only 10 minutes post-prandial.  The muscles in that leg begin to atrophy at such an alarming rate when I am out of commission it is somewhat scary! 

My hope is that by being able to continue decent exercising after meals like I was able to do prior to breaking my hip in 2015, I will reach a more pain free status once again.  I am certain I was getting there just before I got the respiratory infections...or maybe that is simply my imagination wanting it to have been true so I have something to shoot for over the next few months, haha.

Anyway, the exercise can only help and I am almost certain it will also assist in the removal of the ten pounds I gained last winter and wasn't able to permanently lose.  

I have been on the go all day today just like I used to be after I first got my diabetes under control. Oooooh, it feels wonderful to be so active and I am sure if I continue to mentally work through the pain I won't get so lazy and unmotivated like I have been over most of the past year.

This morning I was up, fed, showered and on the way to the pharmacy before 9am.  I tried out a new grocery store today and saved a ton of money with the sales they have this week.  I have plans for a phone call with a friend in Ontario this afternoon and I can walk around the suite while we talk.  My dishes are all done and a bit of tidying has been accomplished around here in preparation for cleaning house in a big way over the next couple of days.  My utility bills are all ready to be paid tomorrow.  

The sun has been out most of the day, the temperature is just above zero...hopefully that doesn't mean snow or freezing rain is in the offing.  We washed the car yesterday and I am glad I was able to get out and do my errands earlier in the morning before the streets got all sloppy wet and muddy.  Spatter from other vehicles was at a minimum this morning so I think I will go bill paying early tomorrow morning while everything is still frozen.  It is such a great feeling to look out into our parking stall and see a clean vehicle.  Even if it doesn't last long, at least we got a thick layer of dirt, snow and street salt taken off its nice paint job.

Off to unload the dishwasher and chatter with my dear friend.

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