Friday, January 27, 2017

Saving Energy

I am certainly not saving any electrical energy since Christmas, when I began using a dishwasher for the first time in 10 years.  However, my personal mental and physical energies and motivation have returned big time!

I am finding that rather than being on my feet for far less time after meals than when I was doing all my dishes by hand, once the dishwasher is loaded with what is safe to put into it and the hand washing of the rest completed, I have far more energy than I had before to stay on my feet to either exercise, or look over recipes and start preparing ahead of time for the next meal.   My cooking efforts have become more creative, even successfully so, and my exercise has picked up once again with more successful outcomes.  My husband is certainly appreciating the improvement in my cooking skills! hahaha  I feel better about myself because of being motivated to put more attention into making our fairly simple meals more tasty and interesting.

Guess I will be using the dishwasher more often after all and thanking God as well for the small increase in salary my husband received this year that will make me feel less concerned about paying the power bill.

Things are going well for the moment.  My mind has cleared of the constant fuzz that it was filled with when I was so ill with all those viral infections, the weight is coming back off from last winter's gain and I am enjoying my life....a LOT!  Making new friends is going well now.  Church is really edifying and helpful with our new priest.  I am discovering more things to do here in the city like live theater and music performances.  I am getting more chances for ministry to individuals and now groups as well, along with my husband.

We are heading out to Yorkton and Saltcoats tomorrow to present some teaching and stories about trust, transformation, forgiveness and reconciliation.  I am slightly nervous as it has been so long since anyone in the church was interested in anything I have to say, but I trust all will go well.  Hopefully someone will hear something from one or both of us that eventually leads to a bit more transformation in their own ability to trust God and to forgive offenses. 

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