Saturday, January 14, 2017

Shoveling is a JOY!

 I don't know why I enjoy shoveling snow so much, but I truly do.  It is physically stimulating, mentally and emotionally cleansing and it makes me feel just wonderful to see a path cleared off through the thick drifts outside.  Seeing physical evidence of having accomplished something out of doors is a big booster for me.

Yesterday afternoon it warmed up outside sufficiently for me to shovel a pathway through the snowbanks from the back deck to the car in the lot.  It took me 45 minutes of chopping out blocks of hardened over snow, scooping them up on the shovel, tossing them over to one side and then pushing up the softer snow underneath into another scoopable pile.  Honestly, that snow was so hardened by the winds, so deep down too, that I could have used my machete to chop up evenly sized blocks and attempt my first igloo build!!  It was so hard I could barely get the edge of the shovel to break through the top crust.

So, it was quite a workout just shoveling that 25 feet to the car.  I made the pathway good and wide because if we get another wind like the last one I want the snow blowing off the piles I created to have plenty of room to settle back on the pathway, but to be less deep than it was when I shoveled out this time.

Every time I hear the word "invigorating" I think of shoveling snow.  It is such a wonderfully descriptive word for the way I feel after such a job well done.  As I look back on my life I truly suspect I should have ditched the academic attempts and the office training disasters and the volunteer music teaching, telephone operating, elder care, pharmacy cashiering, piano accompanying and other such jobs and found myself some training in mechanics or auto body or some other physically challenging and satisfying line of work.  It could explain why I only once worked at a job I enjoyed.  When did I enjoy my work the most?  It was when I was wood staining for a year when my husband was running his carpentry business.  That should have clued me in to why I couldn't seem to find my place in the Wonderful World of Work.  I spent years and years looking in the wrong directions.  I guess because there were so many other issues in our lives at the time it didn't dawn on me that the fact I enjoyed working with wood could have translated into some kind of vocational trades training.  Duh.........

So now it is a mite too late, but I think this coming spring I will start to seek out more types of activities and interests to pursue that are non-academic based, non-other people based, non-office based, non-music based.  I may not come up with much at my age, but on the other hand it will be fun looking for opportunities.  


chris e. said...

Auto body??? No, definitely not. Probably the highest chemical exposure of any profession, although less 'variety' of solvents than printing.
Don't blame yourself for not thinking of non-clerical work before. Back in the Dark Ages when you and I were growing up the career choices were nurse, teacher or secretary.
If you are not concerned with an income, how about dog walking? Our local animal shelter uses much appreciated volunteers who exercise the little critters every day. As you just leash up and go, animal allergies would probably not be an issue.

Susan said...

Yeah, then there is only slobber and poop scooping to deal with, teehee.

chris e. said...

You're in Regina. It's winter. The turds will be frozen pellets by the time they hit the ground. Ha ha.