Friday, January 20, 2017


It has been a good day for both my husband and I to see friends!  Week day visits are particularly sweet as they are rare we are finding here in the city.

This afternoon one of my dearest friends dropped in after having had several errands go awry along her way. As the afternoon dragged on I assumed she wouldn't make it after all, but she did come eventually and we had the best time drinking tea and chattering away about all manner of things theological and trivial, our families and the world at large, sharing our concerns after watching President Trump's inaugural speech this morning. I ended up being very happy all her errands had been done unexpectedly prior to her visit with me because she didn't have to rush off to do them afterward and we had a very relaxed time together.

My husband was able to arrange to stay with a colleague friend in Maple Creek tonight so that he wouldn't have to leave at 6am tomorrow in order to get to his meeting on time there.  He just called raving about the chicken curry they had for dinner and all excited about some silly movie they are going to watch together.  hahaha  It is good for him to just get together with a buddy and share a meal and lots of laughs.  He has too little time for those sorts of things.

I got my cake baked this afternoon and popped it into the freezer until Sunday morning so I won't be tempted to indulge myself, as it is one of my former favourites.  I have another baking job tomorrow afternoon.  I think I will make a banana loaf recipe, but instead of bananas I am putting an assortment of cooked fruits into it. I will have to mix the batter well so the bits of fruit don't sink to the bottom of the loaf pan while being baked and end up sticking on the bottom.  Coating them with fresh flour right before adding them to the soft batter should help.

I may do some window shopping after choir rehearsal tomorrow. Choir ends at noon so I may just have to find a yummy salad somewhere downtown to munch on for lunch first.  Why do salads, even the plainest ones, taste so much better when someone else prepares them?  I can easily make my own salads here at home and usually I do, but lately I haven't felt like it.  I need to get back at it to increase my intake of fresh veggies once again, but I can cop out for one more day, can't I?  Salad for one is not a lot of fun to make, too much prep for only one small bowl's worth and my husband will be away at noon, so...........

O my, it is 10:30pm and I was going to go to bed super early tonight after my sleep debacle last night.....didn't quite make it, o well........maybe I will be exhausted enough now to have a decent amount of uninterrupted sleep. Here goes.......

I think tomorrow will be another good day!

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