Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Celebration of Life Went Well!

This afternoon's tribute to my husband's step-father went very well! The memories various people shared about their experiences with the man were at times touching and at times hilarious. He was a unique character, outspoken, honest, kind, who did not suffer fools gladly yet could show great compassion, a combination of old world European gentleman and a rebel determined to live and even die on his own terms. The group was a real mix of people of all classes and personality types. This man made friends of them all.

Tonight we were all so tired that the various family groups made last minute decisions to just eat dinner individually instead of as a group. We will get our chance for a better visit tomorrow with my husband's sister and her husband as we travel to Penticton.

My husband and I had ambitious plans to walk out several blocks to a nice pub we have eaten at often in the past when we came for parental visits. However, we made it as far as the restaurant next door to the hotel before admitting exhaustion was defeating our motivation, so we popped into that very mediocre sushi restaurant. The quiet ambiance made up for the lacklustre food and was just what we needed. The kitchen prepared the wrong order for me, but I just ate what they brought and it was actually healthier for me than the original. Bonus!

After dinner we managed to drag ourselves for a walk around one whole square block before admitting we were cold, still tired and just wanting to crawl into bed. That is where I am right now, preparing at 7:53pm to have the light out for sleeping at 8pm.

Adieu and goodnight!

PS mentally it has been very healthy for me to get away....all the time spent stuck indoors physically ill the past few weeks took its toll on me emotionally as well. Time to recover!

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