Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Day is Starting Off Well At Least

It is 9:30am and so far I have had a remarkably productive day!  YAY!  It is good to be virus free at last, feeling well and able to get back to my life.  It may be a boring life in many respects at the moment, but it is MY life and I enjoy it most of the time...yeah...most!

We were up and at 'em in good time this morning so that my husband could get to the monthly staff meeting with time to spare.  I felt so good this morning that I was dressed and out the door shortly before 8am to go and pay bills at the bank machine, mail some letters and take the first 4 bags of bottles and cans we have accrued since the autumn to the recycling depot.  That time of morning is definitely the time to go to SARCAN!!!  They opened at 8:30am, I was there by 8:40am and out the door again with over $50 in less than 10 minutes.  Next week I will take in about the same amount of items, plus my husband will take THREE, yes 3, tres, trois, trey, THREEEEEEE old computers out of our suite and over to recycling!!  I am some impressed with him getting rid of all those old electronics he has finally replaced with one good machine that will take his Windows 7, Linux, Ubuntu etc. etc. etc. all at once.  YES!  Less to move when the time comes......ooooh, hey...did I really write that? Did the magic word "move" just fly from my fingertips to the keyboard???  Aiiii yiiiii....we just signed another 1 year lease here...please can we stay at least that much longer, Lord???? 

Pullleeeeease?? We are old and tired. Have pity.....!!???!!

I also spent about twenty minutes shovelling the large heaps of snow away from the foundation of our unit.  I can see where the water gets in through the cracks in the foundation so it was good to be able to be out in the 0 degree weather (going to +3C today) and lift away the snow that softened during our warmer day yesterday.

Some more changes are happening to my husband's schedule, at least temporarily while he assists the CFO in preparing for the annual audit at the end of April.  Today he and the bishop will decide if his days off are going to change from Monday and Tuesday to Sunday and Monday.  The bishop is also preparing to change his own days off to accommodate better time for himself on his wife's days off and better time to be with my husband to coordinate their schedules.  

This particular change would mean my husband would give up his preaching and teaching in churches on Sundays, leave him free to come to church with me, grab the occasional extra day to sleep in if he needs to and give us a chance to do some socializing with non-clergy friends who only have weekends to visit and "play".  At first we felt a bit negative about him losing out on some of the things he loves most about this job, the teaching and Sunday afternoon seminars, in order to do more administration, BUT, then we started to think it could actually be a big blessing.  Instead of being limited to Sunday sermons, having Sundays off could accommodate my husband's hope of having a block of time each week that is free to start writing and drafting up longer seminars with more  theological and academic depth that could be presented over longer periods of time...full weekend or full week seminars that he could teach anywhere that wanted to have the benefit of them.  A temporary break of a few months or even a couple of years as he looks at retirement work and ministry options could be a true gift of time for preparating teachings about the things that are seriously on his heart.  He has been frustrated about not being able to have time to prepare properly the teachings he believes God is giving him for the Church in our area.

So, something for us to pray about.  I am gone most Sunday afternoons in the fall and winter for choir practise.  He could have more than 2 hours every Sunday afternoon to block out for study and writing.  He wouldn't have the distractions either of having to prepare a short, but time consuming to write, sermon for Sundays.  He could pour all his research energies into the longer seminars he has been hoping to present sometime in the near future.

If the decision comes down today for him to take Sundays and Mondays off I think we can get good things out of it for ourselves and for the diocese as well.  Hmmmmm....this could be a very good change indeed!!

Well, off to watch a tv show I recorded last night and then it will be time to tackle a fair amount of ironing I have managed to ignore for the past 3 days.


Ron Baker said...

Sounds like life just keeps us on our toes!! I've enjoyed the retirement life, just because you never know what is coming next. And there seems to be a lot of things coming next.

We as a church are just in the midst of starting a new lead pastor search. I'm thankful I'm retired! I can sit back and watch (and maybe give some advice along the way).

May God continue to bless you all!


Susan said...

Oh Ron....again looking for a new lead pastor after such a short time! It is such a huge process of discernment! All our prayers for your church congregation and particularly the search committee. It is a good thing they have your wisdom to draw on despite you being retired. Part of my husband's job is participating in the hiring of new priests and it is much prayer and discernment and wisdom from the Lord is needed, isn't it?
Bless you and your church and may the Lord give you the best pastor for your needs there.