Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Good Life

Sometimes life seems to be unfolding as it should.  The past few days have been like that for me.

The completion of deep cleaning housework chores and other away from home tasks, the excellent visits with friends 3 days in a row, a stellar choir practise, a fun restaurant meal, today's excellent church service with our new priest who is so happy to welcome my husband, the former priest, as one of her parishioners instead of feeling threatened by his presence, tomorrow's planned grocery shopping time for me and a time for my husband spent doing woodworking with a colleague at a new friend's woodworking shop followed by lunch for them together, then us both getting together with friends for a dinner at Bushwaakers so we can use up our gift certificates from the summer........these present days are like a reward for surviving all the other days leading up to them and no doubt to give us good memories and hope for coming days that at some point in time will cross over to the not so wonderful once again.

I have a deep sense of peace from being reminded that sometimes there are bright spots in the midst of the dull or even disastrous.  Small things that seem to be less than significant, certainly mundane, most of the time to most people signal times of peace and a feeling of normality that is often missing from my husband's and my lives.

We have this week to relax a bit on top of preparing for our teaching seminar next weekend in another town.  We will be able to complete the preparations in the midst of more peace and better health than we have had in awhile it seems. There is a nice trip out of town to look forward to and we are praying for good roads and weather to accompany us and all the other folk travelling along the highways during those 2 days.

The present peace and sense of well being will be able to carry us through whatever trauma next presents itself.  That is the way life seems to work for us.

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