Monday, January 2, 2017

We Must Finally Be Feeling Better

Even though we are still rather wiped out tired today, we seem to be accomplishing a few necessary things around the house.  It is a good feeling.

This morning my husband and I both had a nice sleep in.  It was well after 8am before our eyes opened and got focused.  I had no specific plans for myself today, but this morning I got all the laundry ironed from yesterday's washing and also made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce in order to use up all the fresh veggies that would not have lasted until we return next week from our few days away.  The only question now is if I feel like de-icing the car and going for a load of groceries to cut down on how much shopping for bulk and non-perishable items I will need to purchase when we get back.  Guess I will decide after lunch...although if I want to rush just a bit I could easily do that before it is time to eat..........hmmmm.....nope, better pace myself and do it after lunch, or even wait until tomorrow morning when it will be time to drive to the water sales store and top up the jugs.

My husband is in the throes of last minute plans with his sister and step-brother for the funeral this coming Saturday.  Depending on how many other folk utilize their opportunity for spontaneous sharing of remembrances, I may share one of Piet Hein's older Grooks that reminds me of the man and the comfortable relationship we eventually settled into after several years of not knowing what to think of one another for certain. haha  

Speaking of Piet Hein, here is one of his Grooks I dearly love:


Those smart invitations
                              on smart peoples' shelves
that smart people send
      one another,
are summons to those
                               who are bored by themselves
to come and be bored
       by each other.

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