Thursday, January 12, 2017

Why I Can Usually Fight Off the Temptation To Panic Over Finances

God has never changed his manner of provision for us since our first lessons in trust for finances began in 1985.  Although we are no longer on the mission field overseas or struggling with self-employment mixed with chronic illness, God has continued to prove his abilities to remove stress from our financial lives.

This month it has been tempting to be concerned.  We are waiting for a cheque that may be several more weeks in arriving, or may not come to us at all.  This month we have had extra expenses beyond all expectation and I have been wondering if I need to start juggling a payment or two to satisfy the creditors without paying everything off in has been umpteen years since I have had to even think about that possibility, thankfully.  However, it has all worked out.

We arrived home to find that the billing date for our tenant insurance has changed and now needs to be paid before the first of February, plus of course we had to go to our neighbour's last night to pay him for the carpet cleaning.  Between the two of them I ended up paying several hundred dollars in unexpected expenses this month.  Sigh.....AND the utility bills for this month have yet to arrive, AND I knew we had our son's Christmas gift coming on this month's credit card bill.  If the outstanding cheque doesn't come before the end of this month, hmmmm, what to do?  

On top of it all, I couldn't shake the idea that I had to send a small cheque to each of two young people whose missionary endeavors overseas we support on occasion. It wasn't easy to write those cheques this morning and get them ready for mailing, but if I have learned nothing else, God often asks us to give in the midst of our own need and we have never once suffered for it.

Well, yesterday at work my husband received his December expense travel reimbursement so that certainly helped a little bit, even though it was only half or less of what he usually needs reimbursed each month.  That covered the cost of the carpet cleaning with a little left over.  Then today the credit card bill arrived.  First on the list of transactions was the Air Canada reimbursement for the flights we had to cancel and change for our trip this past weekend!  YAY!!!!  Often it takes at least two credit card statements before reimbursements arrive from the airlines, this time only one statement after the fact our credit amount arrived.  Between that reimbursement and the travel expense reimbursement, our total credit card payment is one dollar and eleven cents!!  WOW!!!  Timing is everything.  We can eke out the rest of this month's groceries even if the outstanding cheque is later arriving than we expected it to be.

See why I really can't worry too much?  In spite of some mistakes, some misunderstandings about what God has told us to do with finances over the years, some sheer stupidity, crazy last minute emergencies requiring big bucks and other huge unexpected immediate expenses several times in our lives, we have survived in tact.  My husband's income amount does not match the amount of work he has to do to receive it and that is true of many people today. Yet, there has always been help when we have needed it, help in many forms and through many other people and extra work projects.

I don't know why God has chosen to speak to us about trusting him using the particular arena of finances, but he has and slowly we are learning to not worry.  There are times when I have felt far more secure when there has been no monthly income and meeting all our payments has been up to God. He is far more trustworthy than any employer when he is determined to show someone who trusts him how he can provide.  I find it all completely amazing.

I am grateful to God for this month's help and his impeccable usual.  I need to share what God does for me so that you can be encouraged as well to take your own needs to God and see what he does for you to show his care and concern.



Susan Erlenbach said...

Thanks for the reminder as we too are learning to trust God's idea of finances😉
Blessings my friend

Susan said...

The hardest thing for me to get used to is how we usually only get exactly what we need for the pressing expenses or other needs and if there is more than that, it seems God generally indicates pretty quickly that there is someone else we need to give that extra to who is in even worse condition than we are! hahaha God's economy is pretty cool but you are right that his idea of finances is not intuitive for most people, at least not here in the affluent western culture. hahaha