Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter's Last Stand (I hope)!!!

After more than a week of daytime highs between -2C and +2C the temperatures are getting back to normal for this time of year for at least the next ten days. Rats! hahahaha

Last night we had a good five cm. of icy snow and sleet and the daytime high is down to -6C, falling to -18C tonight. Down go the temperatures from there, but at least it shouldn't be much colder than -25C even overnight. My neighbour is out shovelling the pathway he created to his car and the shovel sounds rather raspy. There must be a fair amount of freezing rain under the cover of snow. Blah! Not looking forward quite so much this morning to my own shovelling exercise. Now that I have these weak bones the ice is my enemy if I fall down.

Well, no complaints really. It is only the last day of January after all. Spring is a long way off. February can bring some horrifically cold conditions as well. I am quite delighted by the amount of snowfall after our dry winter last year. If the spring winds don't evaporate it before the ground thaws there should be significant moisture in fields and gardens. Perhaps we can avoid the drought everyone was fearing last year at this time.

In other news, our family member who is fighting cancer has had the first appointment at the local cancer clinic moved up by a week. So, should you have some time to pray this coming Thursday it would be appreciated. I am not giving names but God knows who you mean when you pray. Thank you so much from the whole family.

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