Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Yay...a Dental Clinic That IS Taking New Patients!!

I am so happy that it appears I may have found a new dentist.  The tooth that has been giving me such a problem since last week has settled down to tolerable, but tomorrow my new dentist is going to give it a going over and see if it can be crowned or whatever will be needed next.

The joy for me is that this particular clinic comes highly recommended by a trusted friend who is also in the dental "industry" but works elsewhere in town.  She tells me this particular clinic is her recommendation because she believes the group of dentists there to be ethical both morally toward their patients and staff, as well as environmentally.

The economic downturn and subsequent drop in population here is working in my favour because this clinic is taking new patients once again.  Thank you Lord, thank you friend who recommended it to me.

I am hoping and praying this appointment will work into a full time dentist/patient relationship.  My new medical doctor is very good, my eye doctor is quite amazing and now, Lord willing, I will finally have the dentist I couldn't get into a year ago.  

So, finally after 2 years here, everything I need for personal health assistance is in place.   Sigh....wonder how soon we are going to be moving away again?

Seriously, do you blame me for wondering?  It is an automatic response because that is what has happened almost every time in the past that I have finally been able to put things into place for my own care.  hahahaha  Aiii yiiii....

Shovelling went well this morning.  A little ice melt at the bottom of the back steps and there was no dangerous ice anywhere else, other than at the bottom of the eavestrough pipe that drains the water from the eaves to the ground at the front corner of the building.  I avoided stepping on that as I dragged the snow away from along the front and side of the foundation where we have had leaks previously.  

Wow, the temperature truly has dropped since yesterday.   I will have to plug the car in tonight to be sure it will start for driving to my 9am dental appointment tomorrow.

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