Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Comforting Lunch!

I decided that since I had such an unhappy time cleaning this morning, I would make myself a tasty, comforting lunch!  Yum!  It has worked wonders for my mental state.

I grilled a nice piece of fresh salmon and slathered it in lemon juice and dill.  While it was cooking I covered 2 slices of my skinny bread with a mix of low fat mayo, 1/6 of an avocado and 2 chopped, green, pimento stuffed, olives.  As soon as the salmon came out of the pan I sliced it into 2 long pieces and put one piece on each slice of bread. deeeeeelicious!!! Hot salmon with cooling avocado...YES!

Then I topped off my meal with a teeny carton of NSA chocolate pudding mixed with a single serving of 0% blueberry yogurt and a side of 2 blueberry/brown sugar Peak Frean wafers.  I filled a tall glass with caffeine free diet Pepsi and went to town on the dessert portion of my meal!  

Now I need to complete the cleaning of the other bedroom and the upstairs hallway and stairwell to work off my lunch.

O my goodness life is suddenly good again! hahaha  Fretting on top of dropping blood sugar just before lunch does tend to set me off, haha.

I spent my lunch time thinking about all the wierd and horrible health issues my husband and his family have battled over the decades and realized how much that plays into my frustrations when I am cleaning my husband's spaces around this suite.  That entire family has never gotten a break in most areas of life it seems and it is definitely generational.  Being brought face to face with all that every cleaning day has been kind of emotionally draining I have to admit.  Cleaning makes me think about the reasons things are the way they are around here and from there I start remembering all the other family disasters my husband has been faced with over his life and I start getting angry that such nice people have had such a terrible time generation after generation.

Well, I am fine now and soon the suite will be too as my cleaning spree continues.  Tomorrow I will clean my own spaces downstairs. Being surrounded by my dusty pottery that I so enjoy cleaning and arranging calms me every cleaning session. I am blessed to have such lovely dishes and ornaments to enjoy over the past 10 years or so.  Arty things make my world serene.  

Onward, onward........

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