Monday, February 13, 2017

A Day at the Dental Spa!

Two fillings, both completed before 10am today. YES!  Compared to the old horse doctor I went to as a kid, getting a couple of fillings any more is like a spa day for my teeth!!

My new dentist did not graduate from dental school all that long ago so she is no speed demon, BUT she is careful, conscientious and determined to do the very best job right from the start.  I was as relaxed as I ever am at a dentist's office.  She listened when I told her about my problems getting freezing to set up so the dental tech swabbed my gums with a super dose of whatever wonderful numbing agent dentists use these days and I barely felt the 3 needles worth of freezing as they went in.  After that I felt nothing at all.  In fact, I am still so frozen, an hour later, that even my sinuses on that side are frozen...I am frozen right up to my hairline. hahahaha  I took an ibuprofen an hour before I went and I will take another one in an hour as the freezing continues to come out so I don't get headachy.  Easy, peasey, all done.  Whew!  And now I just have to wait another week or two to find out what kind of fight I am going to have to go through with the insurance company to get started on the crowns I desperately need.  One small hassle with them this morning that is still getting straightened out, after everything I had done today was pre-approved at the last appointment and if there is any more woe I will sic my husband on them!  In his quiet, non-threatening, but totally logical way he is like a dog with a bone with such issues.

Yup, feelin' great and the sunshine, +1C temperature outside and the lack of wind is just icing on the cake today!  Pension application day....yikes........

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