Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Handy Dandy Wee Giftie

Just after we were married, nearly 40 years ago now, I ordered several small orders of somewhat useless "stuff" from a mail order catalogue that began appearing in our mailbox.  I may have mentioned this in an earlier blog, but today I have been again reaping the benefits of one of the "free" gifts that would accompany every order: a short, black handled thingamabob with a bunch of stiff wires sticking out of the end.  It is for cleaning hairbrushes and it surely works well!  A little soap and water on the brush and a quick scrubbing with that instrument and all the hair and built up hairspray etc. come off the brush very quickly and easily.  Talk about a labour saving device...and one so small, non-electric, non-electronic...yup, the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Hey, be kind to me: on a day with a windchill of -45C I need to keep myself interested in something here inside the suite, right?  Blogging about a hair brush scrubber is also a great way to put off starting on the major housework project I need to do today as well.  O my, cold weather makes me feel so lazy!

I feel like I am "on hold" until tomorrow's supposed warm up in the weather, unfortunately to be accompanied by more snow.  O well, I don't care about that, I just want warmth....lots of it....days and weeks and months of is warm there, right?  There is no snow there either, right?  A person can live fairly cheaply there, right?

O it is fun to day dream.........although......I got my husband thinking about retiring down south as well.........WAAAAAAY down south.  It isn't as far fetched as it sounds and we all ready have retired Canadian friends there paving our way.........Panama...even the name is kind of warmly exotic to me..........

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