Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Happy Baptism Morning

Church was such fun this morning.  Two of one of our parishioner's three grandchildren were baptized.  Our deacon led the service and wow, she is wonderful with kids!  The older boy was baptized some years ago so the deacon invited him to come and help her pour water over the heads of his younger brother and baby sister, getting him to also make the sign of the cross on their foreheads, as she had just done.  What a kind hearted little fellow he was, helping to keep rein on his younger brother throughout the long rite of passage where the family had to stand for so long at the front of the church.  The little guy being baptized is about 3 years old and was wearing a lovely silver striped suit jacket with his brand new blue jeans.  He was particularly proud of the large cloth covered buttons on the cuff and was happy to show them off to anyone who was interested.  The baby gurgled happily when she had the water poured on her head, making splashing motions with her hands.  Mom has obviously been raising these children to know how to behave in public.  They barely made a peep during the entire church service, played happily with the provided toys and crayons and colouring books and were thrilled to be able to accompany everyone downstairs to the social room for snacks afterward.  The oldest boy pushed his grandmother in her wheelchair and was incredibly helpful at the  age of only 7 years.  What a joy to add these little folk into our Christian family.

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