Friday, February 3, 2017

An Unexpected Purchase

Today I had no intention of even bothering to change out of my Mark's Comfy Robe to put on street clothes.  My husband has the car today for an out of town meeting so I "knew" I wouldn't be going anywhere outside and planned to spend the morning ironing albs and clergy wear, then starting our personal laundry this afternoon.

Yeah..........not quite how it worked out.  I was nearing the end of my stack of ironing when my iron started acting oddly.  The power began to cut off and on, the heating and steam icons began flashing and then the entire iron went dead.  I plugged it into several other outlets around the suite that I know are working and not a spark of life entered that iron.  Sigh..........after a good 5 years or more my cheap old iron died quietly.

A half hour later I was all dressed and otherwise duded up and on the bus to Cornwall Centre.  I felt kind of hungry when I got off the bus, checked the time and discovered it was about time for my lunch. Shopping for an iron would have to wait.  Good old Zam Zam Wraps!  To be able to eat a relatively healthy lunch for ten dollars is a real treat.  The less cheese and tzatziki sauce I put on the healthier it is!  I didn't even splurge on so much as one pickled turnip this time!  Yay me!  haha

After an enjoyable meal I went into Sears and found what should be a relatively decent Hamilton-Beach iron with a 10 year warranty.  In a few minutes I will plug it in and make certain it is working properly.  It was middle of the road for price so I am hopeful it will do at least an adequate job on our clothes.

I noticed 3 more stores had closed out of the Cornwall Centre since my last trip there just a few weeks ago: another clothing store, an electronics store and a leather goods store.  O my...there are so few retail stores in the downtown core as it is outside of the Centre.  If the Centre goes down it will be practically a retail ghost town compared to other larger cities.  Regina certainly seems to be following Moose Jaw's lead on that.  It is a tad depressing!

On the family front: our relative had the first visit to the cancer clinic yesterday and is now awaiting a surgery date and then a chemo and radiation schedule that apparently could be taking the treatments right through until mid-summer. Sigh....since there are no blood markers or scans that can check on the success of the chemical bomb treatments, only a hope that outward symptoms can be discovered quickly if they occur once treatments are over, it is a very frustrating affair all around.  Blah!  I can only assume that the prayers you are sending out to God are helpful to the patient. They are certainly helping my husband and I to keep our perspective and not panic as badly as we are sorely tempted to.

Okay, gotta go and try that iron now! 

Later: the new iron works fantastically well. So, either the old one has not been working properly for some time, or else it never did work well in the first place.  Maybe it did me a favour by dying out today!

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