Wednesday, February 1, 2017

And So It Begins!

I have just returned from my dental examination and will be returning to the clinic about an hour from now for my cleaning.  The exam went well.  2 small cavities starting underneath 2 fillings that are more than 40 years old that I will get filled soon, 6 crowns upcoming, 4 priority to be done over the next 2 years. When I return for my cleaning I will find out what my husband's dental plan will cover, therefore how long it is going to take to be able to get these crowns done.  I am hoping the bridge or implant on the one lower jaw can wait for a couple of years at least.  

I really like this clinic. Dentist Kelsey seems very competent for someone so young and Tech Vanessa is brimming with joy and smiles.  There are tvs connected to each dental chair so the patient can watch anything available while waiting for treatments.  That is a great idea for the kids, or terrified adults, who come to the dentist and need a distraction.

The miracle continues to happen as far as my lack of fear about dental work.  It amazes me after spending most of my life barfing a half hour before each appointment between the ages of 6 and 32!  Maybe the time I took away from going to the dentist at all and the subsequent age related life experiences are responsible for dental pain in a dentist's office not being the bane of all existence any more.  I don't know, but I slept wonderfully well last night. This morning there was no time to get panicked at the last minute because the dental office called to ask me if I could come a half hour earlier than planned. YES!  I literally hung up the phone, grabbed my coat and boots and headed to the clinic.  Perfect!!

When I get back for my cleaning the clinic will have the information from the insurance company as to what they are going to cover for me this year.  While on one hand my husband's policy is pretty basic and doesn't cover a lot, on the other hand what they do cover has made it possible for me to have dental work done, work I could never do when we were self-employed, ill and financially struggling.  I am grateful for every dollar I don't have to write a cheque for at dental appointments.

Well, off to have a bit of a snack before I return for the cleaning.  I had breakfast so early this morning I won't be able to last for lunch until an hour after my cleaning is over.  I suspect I may have to go twice as the build up on my bottom front teeth is always atrocious no matter how often they are cleaned.  

Okay....step 2 coming up!

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