Saturday, February 11, 2017

Back On Planet Earth This Morning

My husband woke up feeling rather jaunty this morning, all traces of last night's food reaction gone after a good night's sleep.  He is just getting ready for work.

We had a good talk over breakfast about this whole food sensitivity and CFS issue, so I feel better now.  Thankfully.........haha. I was sure in a tizzy last night,wasn't I? hahaha

His resolve is simply to avoid all the foods he has reacted to in the past year or two.  It isn't always easy and will mean he has to ask a lot of questions about ingredients when we go out to dinner in peoples' homes or restaurants, but it can be done and between the two of us we will figure this out, just as we did the last time all those years ago when he was first hit with this disease.  

My over-reactions to reminders about past things tells me I am still healing from all the fears and stresses, but that is good because I know how to get more help with it and will do so.  I has been 8 years since the last big health fiasco of my husband's, so instead of being upset about a possible return to it all, I will dwell on the fact that for 8 years he has had a reprieve and before that he had 6 good years.  There will be more good years ahead to look forward to.

It is nice to have both of us starting our day off calmly and rationally, filled with hope and ready to deal with what we are facing right now without projecting into the future.

Thank you Lord for a good night's sleep for us both and peaceful thoughts resulting in constructive ideas this morning. 

And now off to do laundry, shovel snow, have a hot shower and hair washing and practise, practise, practise my music for tomorrow's rehearsal.  A busy day is the best kind of day for me!

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