Thursday, February 2, 2017

Be-Boppin', Shoppin' and Now I'm Droppin'!!

It has been many months since my last shopping spree, even for necessary things, apart from groceries!  The last time I felt free to purchase anything that wasn't edible, or a Christmas gift for family, or wasn't an airplane ticket for someone was the end of last September, just before all the viral infections hit us.  No wonder today was so much fun for me!!  heehee

Yesterday my husband and I decided to donate a couple of large hockey bags or suitcases to a South Sudanese friend who is here in our diocese studying to be an Anglican priest.  He is going back to the South Sudan this weekend in order to barter for his intended bride and wants to take a couple of bags of clergy gear for the other priests there, most of whom don't even have a collared shirt; no albs nor stoles nor copes nor anything else that could identify them as Christian priests.  A number of clergy are donating the appropriate clothing, so today I purchased the carry bags to put it all into.

I found a huge, hard cased suitcase, nearly new for only $24.99 at Value Village.  Then I found a brand new hockey bag just the right size at Canadian Tire for only $17.99.  Between the 2 pieces of luggage our friend will be able to carry an awful lot of gear back home to his colleagues there. It was so much fun shopping for just the right sized pieces to pack everything into for overseas.  It was a privilege to be able to contribute something to this cause.

After I made my purchases I headed over to Bushwakkers' pub to locate the woman in charge of their gift certificates.  One of the certificates we reeived from our church at Christmas didn't work when we tried to use it last week and it could have been embarrassing as we were intending to use it to help buy dinner for friends.  The lady was at work today and as she was testing the certificate to ascertain the problem, I mentioned that if she could get it to work I would stay and spend some of it on lunch.  hahaha  Magically the machine accepted its value immediately, haha, and she exchanged the card for cold hard cash.  O how I enjoyed my favourite taco salad and I treated myself to a glass of red wine as well...not the greatest treat as it was rather dreadful wine, but still I felt like I was really getting away with something and decided to just slurp away at it and decide to like it. So I have spent my half of the certificate and my husband's share of the money is on his office desk waiting to be discovered.

Canadian Tire also had a good deal on a new 4'x6' indoor/outdoor carpet I I have put down inside the back door.  The one that has been there is not that big and it was easy to step off the edge of it and get snow, ice and sand on the kitchen floor that had to be wiped up everytime we entered the suite.  This one is long enough to go right past the kitchen sink so I will have something softer to stand on now when I am doing dishes.  The old one also had a lovely but deeply carved pattern that caught sand and gravel and lint down into the carved out parts and it was wicked to vaccuum. The new one is smooth and will be far easier to clean.  Since it extends further into the kitchen it will have to be vaccuumed far more often, but I don't care about that.  Wheeling the vaccuum in a few extra times a week is no big deal.

In the mall beside Canadian Tire there is a Mark's outlet and on a sale rack in there I actually located one turtlenecked shirt in my husband's size.  An actual turtleneck!!  It is a most odd bluish-green colour but I am sure he will find something to wear with it in his closet of multi-coloured shirts.  There is also a Cleo's store and o my, the sales on sweaters and pants....60% off or more. So I am now the proud and happy owner of both a pair of pants and a cardigan, both of which I have had my eye on all winter but refused to pay full price for.  

I also took a quick peek into the almost ready to close forever Sears Warehouse store.  There I found the closest thing I am likely to find in this town for a longer, wider winter coat that I can wear my suit jackets under comfortably.  The sales are wonderful as they try to clear the remainder of the stock.  My $200 coat was purchased for $37.50.  I got a new bottom sheet to replace a frayed on on my bed for $3.99 and a pair of pillowcases for less than $6.  My husband should be pleased to find the new wool sweater laying on his office desk, regularly priced at $80 and that I paid $16 for.

Yes it is beyond tacky to talk about how much things cost.  Talking about how much of a discount I received on purchased items is even tackier.  I don't care today.  My blog, my rules for conversation topics.

I am happy and excited and energized by a day of shopping...and yes, I picked up a few groceries and filled the car with gasoline as well.  The sunny sky, despite rather cold temperatures, certainly added to my sense of well being and joy.

It seems my  regular life has been on hold for the past several months with even the most normal, mundane activities seemingly beyond my physical or financial ability or interest.  Today the switch flipped back to the ON position.  Hallelujah!

Yawn...o dear Lord...I need a nap now!! All this fun has me "plum tuckered out"!!

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