Thursday, February 23, 2017

BUT....LADY....I Don't WANT To Get Old!!!

Oh, I see....well, I do understand.  I can't say that getting old was ever a cherished goal in my own life, but at this time in history there is not yet a way to prevent it, so I have decided to not only accept, but also embrace it.  If nothing else can be said in the positive about aging, the very least is that getting old is the best revenge!  You've heard that before but only now is it starting to mean something....right?

Not wanting to admit our actual ages, even to ourselves...or maybe especially not even to why we do things like continue into our elder years to wear pencil pants and revealing necklines, listen to the latest in pop music no matter how dreadful it is, and streak our all ready dyed hair with colours like blue and purple even when our sagging facial skin, knobby knuckles, unsteady gait and the slowing of our mental faculties give us dead away to all onlookers.

I guess one of the things I have wondered all my life is, WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE FOOLING???  And WHY DO WE CARE WHAT THOSE FOLK THINK ANYWAY???

Yes, hair dyes, botox injections, dressing young and plastic surgery can fool some of the people some of the time, maybe even for quite some time, but eventually cracks appear in the most carefully crafted of veneers. It is inevitable.  There is always some physical or mental clue as to our true age and the very people, often the younger people, we are attempting to fool are the first to clue in to that.  Do any of us who have used one technique or another in our attempts to remain youthful in appearance realize how often we are found out?   How often we are disrespected behind our backs?  How often we are pitied by the younger set instead of sincerely congratulated?  

There is nothing wrong with any of the methods we use to try to retain our youthfulness, within reason, but we older ones need to keep a sharp eye on our outward selves and an even sharper eye on our mental states so that we can discern when the time is right to quit all those things and get on with the realities of aging. 

We need to be able to understand at what point we are no longer fooling anyone BUT ourselves and start to explore the amazing freedoms that come with age and life experience.  There are many and they are worth discovering. I am beginning to learn that.  

Want to join me?

C'mon!  I double dog dare ya'!!

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