Friday, February 10, 2017

Family Update

I am rejoicing in today's -11C temperature!  YES!!  Not plugging in the car is always a bonus.  This morning my husband took the car to the computer store for some work related equipment, then drove home to bring me the car. It was good to get out after 2 days in the suite cleaning, so I got "adventurous" and drove out to the east side shopping stores so I could get my husband's favourite Tong Garden Peanuts at the big RC Superstore.  The shopping trip went well because I was up there prior to the Friday afternoon rush at the grocery store.  Tong Peanuts were on sale too, so I picked up 8 of the 10 bags remaining on the shelf.  I hit the health food store in the area as well to stock up on some of my husband's needed minerals and got some letters mailed at the nearby postal outlet.  Lots of walking around after breakfast and I just had a good half hour of walking all around the suite while chatting with my parents.  After dinner tonight I will do my daily weight lifting exercises.

So, my parents are doing very well, all things considered.  Another old friend of theirs just passed away...the third one in as many they are sad about that, but are doing quite well themselves.  My mother's energy level continues to amaze me. She is keeping up despite the extra care she is providing for Dad, although I think she is tiring out more after doing laundry or baking than she was back in the autumn.  Our trip out to see dad in January seems to have energized him mentally and he is much sharper these days than he has been in awhile.

Our son emailed this morning to let us know he is doing well too. The huge snows and ice storms in Vancouver have not slowed him down any, although he is disappointed that the storm a week ago wreaked havoc with the expected crowds at the OR Gallery opening he spent a frantic week installing properly.  He is really enjoying his university students this year now that he has found ways to help the Asian students be less shy about expressing themselves.  Today he was over at the VAG teaching a painting class to 3 different groups of high school students and he always enjoys kids that age.

Our relative who is suffering from cancer finally has a surgery date of Feb. 21, all you prayer warriors, then will start many rounds of chemo and radiation.  The treatment is going to last for close to a year by the sound of it.  Knowing a date this is all going to begin has removed some of the stress that comes after waiting apparently endlessly for the process to begin.

My husband and I are doing okay.  I get 2 teeth filled this coming Monday, not really something I am looking forward to because...well, it is a dental appointment so...but it will be good to get it done while I continue to wait for information from our dental insurance company as to what they are going to cover this year toward getting some more crowns.  I all ready know how much it will be so, I know at most only 2 of the 6 are going to be done before next year.

My husband is teetering on the edge again with his CFS.  The small glands that swell up in his neck and the back of his head have not bothered him much in the past year, but right now they are very swollen and sore to the touch.  I suspect that round of viral infections set up his immune system to fail once again as the low grade infections continue.  So, he is compensating by working more reasonable hours and getting to bed early every night until his immune system settles down again. I am proud of him for paying attention this time after 3 huge health crashes in the past 25 years that each nearly did him right in.

For the moment, life is torquing along okay for most of the family. Both sides of our family have learned over the decades how to live from crisis to crisis.  God has been merciful in getting us through each one as it happens.

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