Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feeling Like Job's Comforter...Sigh......

Last night a very dear friend from another province phoned me.  She has developed some physical symptoms over the past week that could possibly indicate a medical problem that a doctor should take a look at.  Doctors are nearly as scarce as hen's teeth where she lives and it is quite a time consuming process to get in to see one of the few available through a walk in clinic.

I know she was looking for some comfort from me in the form of reassuring her there is nothing to worry about and to let it go, ignore it, no problem etc.  Unfortunately I was unable to do that and while I am tempted to feel badly if I scared her more than she all ready is, at the same time I do hope what I said is prompting her to seek a medical opinion because I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice against seeking the opinion of someone who is.  I can't apologize for the advice I gave her even if it turns out all is well and she truly has nothing to worry about.

My example in all such things medical is a dear relative who is suffering with medical problems at the moment.  I know from looking on and listening intently there over the years that post-menopause for women and age 50+ years old for men translates into seeing a doctor for pretty well anything that occurs in our bodies that is not the usual, or the norm or the expected.  Most of the time it turns out nothing is wrong, but what if that one time something is wrong, be it great or small, is the one time a person opts to just ignore the symptoms?  If this dear relative was not like a dog with a bone in tracking down diagnoses of even the slightest of odd symptoms, well....it doesn't bear thinking about.

So my dear, dear friend, you know who you are and I do apologize if I frightened you, but I am not sorry to prod you toward seeing a doctor soon.  If nothing is wrong that needs treatment then you can relax and we can all be relieved and happy, but I love you very much, you have always been honest with me and you are caring and I care about you too.  Be well!!

Take heed too the rest of my family and friends: I will always recommend a doctor if you tell me about symptoms you are concerned about.  I have met enough "self-diagnosers" over the years to be very leery of that.  They get themselves into trouble eventually.  Please see your doctor, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, naturopath or community nurse if there is anything at all out of the ordinary going on with your body.  

Please, please, please.........

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