Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fun Fun Fun!!

Great friends from Moose Jaw just called us to invite us to their home for dinner tomorrow evening.  YAY!  Their married daughter is in town for a few days and we haven't had much chance to see her since she and her husband moved to the west coast some months ago.  We are going to have baked ham and excellent wine and wonderful fellowship.  Can't wait!!

It is funny how spending time with friends trumps everything else for us. As soon as the invitation came both my husband and I completely forgot about the fancy date night we had set up for ourselves tomorrow night.  It wasn't until we hung up the phone that we remembered we had plans for a lovely dinner, just the two of us, followed by a viewing of a rootin' tootin' Japanese film our son recommended to us.  

We have so few date nights per se that it seems kind of ludicrous the plans vacated our brains the minute there was a chance to see friends instead. hahaha  Typical us....we LOVE our friends and nothing is more special to us than spending time with them.

My husband has worked three 12 hour days in a row this week.  He isn't going into work until 10am tomorrow and he has to leave at 4pm to get to our friends' house.  He can go in later on Saturday too now that a clericus event has been cancelled.  He does have to complete his sermon for a Sunday service he had agreed to long before the change to Sundays off happened, but Monday is our province's Family Day holiday, so as far as I am concerned he takes Tuesday off in lieu!  Hope I am right about that. The entire office staff desperately needs that day off before the next push of a week making changes in job descriptions for the present staff, getting some new volunteers trained to take off more of the huge load.  Between now and the audit at the end of April, the installation of a new computer system in the office, re-evaluating staff positions, preparing changes to the canons etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. all on top of the regular duties, everyone is starting to burn out just a bit.  I don't know when my husband has looked forward more to our annual holidays in June as he is this year.  Moi aussi!


I read something today that was so ridiculous it was beyond all belief to me, but to the millenial generation and the half generation before them, it is an idea that is becoming unfortunately foundational in the way they live their lives.  Sigh........  A well known celebrity is getting a divorce saying that monogamy couldn't be natural because it is hard work.  Yes, that is what I read!!  Assuming it was not a mis-quote, that kind of thinking makes me very sad and very worried about what is going to happen to upcoming generations of young people who all ready seem to have lost any concepts related to reality in a haze of denial and self-delusion.

So, if monogamy is not natural because it is hard work, then that must mean that anything at all requiring hard work is not to be considered, to be avoided at all costs, to be ignored and run from as quickly as possible because it is unnatural.  This person who is being divorced has a young child. What will happen if the nanny quits her position and the celebrity has to participate more in the raising of that child? What happens when that child has a temper tantrum or some kind of adolescent rebellion in a few years that the celebrity parent has to deal with?  Will that child be abandoned because obviously having a child and having to rear it is hard work, ergo not natural?  

Will working at all in order to earn a living be such hard work that it will no longer be considered natural and therefore be shunned?  It seems to me the seeds of that mentality are all ready sprouting and growing at an alarming rate in our country.

If the logic is carried out to its conclusion then what constitutes hard work becomes rather arbitrary, even more so than it is all ready and the answer to hard work as defined by each person is avoidance.  How far is the logic of this new generation going to have to go before they realize the long term consequences of this line of thinking?? generation and the half generation prior have certainly made a  muck up of teaching values to our children.  Sad, sad, sad........

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