Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I'm Pretty Sure I All Ready Blogged About This But.......

......in response to someone's very pointed questions to me a few days ago about why I seem to expect my husband to carry all the financial load for us, I will reiterate my own list of health problems and share my gratitude that I am able to enjoy each day instead of preferring to wallow constantly in never feeling well and being exhausted pretty much every minute of every day. God is good!

At my husband's urging I quit working in 2002 because of extreme exhaustion.  That upset a few folk because my husband was entering one of his worst phases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at a time when we thought he was getting over it more than he was, so I got some blame from some people for our financial worries at the time.  I stopped rather quickly defending myself from those folk because when someone pins me to the wall about something that is no one's business but my own/my husband's I get angry and tend to say hurtful things....at least I was that way before I became too exhausted to bother, hahahaha.

So, here is the list and this is the last time I am going to go into it for public reading.  Draw your own conclusions about the reasons for my extremely early retirement.  (If you remember reading about these issues in a previous blog, stop reading now so you will not be bored senseless by the repetition.)

Moderate to severe osteoporosis
Osteo arthritis
Type 2 diabetes
Mild OCD
Food and respiratory allergies including all fur wearing pets and smoke producers
Slightly compromised liver and kidney function
Heart murmur
Chronic depression
Lupus blood markers, the symptoms of which have fortunately confined themselves to the connective tissue in one knee for the past 18 years, hallelujah!!

Each of those on their own makes a person tired a lot of the time. Combine them and I have days where I am pushing myself to walk from one room to another.  I push myself to go out and do what needs to be done, I am given to making daily and weekly goals for housework, shopping and other regularly required chores as it gives me purpose and mental motivation each day.  There is a reason I am not working, not actively doing volunteer work to keep myself busy and not involved in church ministry up to my eyeballs.  I don't ever feel well, not ever. Committing to a weekly choir rehearsal and a couple of concerts over an 8 month period each year is pushing the envelope for me.

So, that is the end of the litany of medical issues I deal with all the time.  There are many people in the world in far worse condition every day of their lives than I am.  My personal health issues and how they relate to my ability to be employed is my own business and I share this only because it may make a few people, who enjoy challenging me about how I spend my days, feel more peaceful.  It doesn't bother me that people care enough about us to want to say things they think will be helpful. I enjoy the fact that people care about us both.  I just need them to know sometimes there are reasons for things that we don't care to share in glorious detail with everyone we meet. There are more interesting things to talk about and we prefer to stick to those things.

Now ya' know!

Hope it makes a few people feel much less like they have to step in to advise us, me in particular.

Now I am going to fulfill my morning chore list by doing the ironing. 

Bless you all today and througout this week.

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