Friday, February 10, 2017

It Started Off Well, But Then............. poor husband.........he is so ill at the moment he is lying on the bathroom floor with his face resting out on the hallway carpet until his stomach settles back down, after an encounter with some zucchini at dinner.

I guess we can scratch zucchini off the list of safe edibles for him, along with the pears, beets, kohlrabi, tomatoes and uncooked peppers he has had to give up over the past 2 years.  These food sensitivities mean his CFS has started to kick up more fiercely over that 2 years and he is likely going to be suffering for some time yet. Sigh again.......  My husband never gets a break...truly he never does in almost every area of his life.  I am fed up about it all on his behalf because he is too positive and cheery to ever contemplate being fed up with what life hands him.  I am just so angry he is suffering food sensitivies again after being free of them for about 13 years after a decade long battle with North American cereal grains. He has been able to restore both rice and wheat to his diet and can even tolerate a bit of rye flour or barley flour on occasion and now it is vegetables that are stirring up his system.  Grrrrr........  I HATE CFS!  It has destroyed the lives of several of our friends in far more devastating ways long term than my husband's, but still I am pretty upset for him right now.

The zucchini has gone the same way as the pear sensitivity.  It started with him being unable to eat the skins about a year ago, but he could still eat the "fruit" if it was completely peeled.  Now he can't eat so much as a bite of either.  Beets were the same way and that started just over 2 years ago. First he couldn't eat the beet root, but could eat the greens, then by the following year he couldn't eat them either.  Same with tomatoes: first a reaction to the skins and then some months later the fruit made him ill as well, but he can still eat them and peppers if they are cooked to nearly mush.  So, he hasn't had to give up my home made pasta sauces......yet.....sigh sigh sigh..........

My husband called me after work today to see if I could pick him up and go out for dinner with him.  We opted for The Nest....pretty good food for the most part, excellent pianists at the keys and tonight was no exception there. The waitress was great as usual and we hunkered down to the evening's special:  a big meal of medium rare prime rib, green salad, garlic mashed potatoes, a small "Yorkshire pudding" that unfortunately had the taste and texture of soggy, fried tofu, AND well cooked zucchini slices.  My husband was so excited to have had such a spontaneous idea to go on a special date tonight as he has been so busy with work lately.  He carefully cut off every last bit of the cooked zucchini peel and ate the inside soft veggie slowly, chewing carefully to make sure it would digest.  Well, despite his best efforts it did not digest properly.  This is the worst reaction he has had since last summer when he ate a couple beet greens in a salad accidentally.

Oooh, I feel so badly for him.  My stomach is paining in sympathy...just a stress reaction to the anger.  I can't believe this is happening again after so many years and to completely different foods than the first go round that flattened him so many years ago and began our misery of unemployment, unsuccessful self-employment and financial disaster and all the old, horrible things that went on for too many years.

So now I am crying, I am so frustrated........sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh........

Guess I had better get on my knees and start praying for relief for him.  The power of prayer is what got us through this the last time AND at least his short term memory isn't failing, his mind is pretty clear most of the time, he hasn't had as many CFS headaches over the past few years, SO I am going to trust that he will not get that low this time. If he gets that far down again he will lose his job and...well, I can't think about that right now.

Thank you for letting me rant........I just feel so sad and upset for my husband who never complains about having felt ill and/or mentally vacant and/or forgetful and/or headachy and/or exhausted pretty much every single day of his life for the past 33 years.  

Thank you for praying for him. In the long run it will work out, but for tonight it is misery for him and for me too.

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