Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Itsy Bitsy Teensy Weensy Musical Rant

Our choir is singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" this term.  

I admit it...I am among what is likely a very small crowd of folk who simply do not like this piece of music.  It actually hurts my heart to consider that out of the giant body of most excellent poetry and song this Canadian musical giant wrote and composed he will probably be best remembered by a present generation, who do not allow themselves to think about much beyond the present moment, for this repetitive, lyrically inane little ditty.

To me it sounds like either he was being pressured by his agents and producers to get the thing finished up, published and recorded, or else it was his own little joke against those same people and his listening public...I don't know what he was thinking and never will.  Someone was savvy enough to know the melody would be a popular hit because of the very reptition I don't care for, but ooooo, those lyrics...blaaaah!!  Cohen himself was reticent to define his meaning, which to me speaks of the possibility that he didn't know what he was writing about either and simply allowed the song to go out as written for whatever reason.  

Nope, sorry, I just don't care for this song.  I don't care who else likes it and don't hold it against anyone who likes things I don't, but I have a right to my opinion as well.  And in this case it is that I will be glad when our concert is over in May and I never have to sing it again.

There....l "said" it....in public.......

Aaaaah....exhale....that feels better!


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