Monday, February 6, 2017

Keeping Up With Appointments Despite the Snow

We had a most informative appointment at the bank this morning.  We were so impressed by what we heard and by the possible options for our future financial "investments" that we have pretty much decided all ready to go with this bank and cancelled our appointment at the other bank for later this afternoon.  For some reason we were both dreading that second appointment ever since we made it.  I all ready have some dealings there and have not been overly impressed by the strong salesmanship training of their staff and by the mumbo jumbo explanations regarding service charges and fees that in reality seem to turn out far differently than we felt led to believe...never in our favour of course.  So, we have the rest of this week to make final choices and then next week we have a second appointment at bank of choice to get things set up.  It is a good feeling! 

The snow continues to fall.  In total we have had about 18cm (7 inches) and it is still coming down.  Apparently the snowfall will continue until tomorrow morning.  I am living for Thursday/Friday when the temperatures are supposed to warm up a bit, but more snow is also in the forecast for the end of the week. Drat!  

The streets are very icy as the vehicle tires pack down the snow sufficiently to harden it but are not pushing it aside to leave bare strips of pavement in the main tire tracks.  Despite our car's studded tires we have done a bit of fishtailing when leaving stop signs and people with poor winter tires are crawling along like snails to avoid drifting into the lanes beside them.  Today, just as a red light for us turned green, a car trying to stop for his own red light and not succeeding, went sideways across the intersection in front of us, keeping us from advancing.  Fortunately the driver in beside us noticed what was going on and was able to cease his forward motion or there would have been a fairly serious crash.

After our appointment my husband dropped me off at home and he drove over to the home of the colleague who he is setting up the small workshop with.  They were able to get an inexpensive door at ReStore the other day to make into a saw table once my husband builds some legs to support it.  I think they are having as much fun putting the woodshop together as they will when they actually do some woodworking!

I have just put a Poorman's Pudding together and it is nearly time to take it out of the oven, so better go and check that out.

Easy, peasy, tasty dessert: 


1 cup white sugar (I use a half cup or less)
1 stick of butter (about a half cup of soft margarine works well)
1 cup flour
1tsp. baking powder
pinch of salt
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract (or not) (or almond) (and/or 1 pack of grated semi-sweet chocolate if you like chocolate flavoured puddings)

Put all the above ingredients into the baking dish you are cooking the pudding in and stir them up with a fork to make a nice soft dough (kind of watery is just fine as well)

Then top with 2/3 cup of coconut (or not)
1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit (only if you like fruit in a pudding)
1 cup brown sugar (or less, or not at all)
2 cups hot water

Put the dish into a 350F degree oven for an hour or so....the exact time will depend on your oven, distance above sea level etc., but an hour is pretty much the minimum       

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