Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Korean Yummies!

We received a gift certificate at Christmas for a Korean BBQ restaurant here in the city and have been saving it for a night out at a time when we really needed a happy distraction. Last night was that time.

What a delightful evening at Life is Good Korean BBQ on Victoria Avenue! 

The menu is quite extensive but I was wondering how many things I could order that would not include vast amounts of rice, one of my worst offenders for a carb that raises my blood sugar.  I was concerned about MSG for both my husband and myself because restaurant cooked beef generally contains terrifyingly high amounts of added sodium and it was the beef we were more interested in than the chicken dishes.  

We needn't have worried about our menu questions.  The lady who is most involved in ownership of the place came out of the back to serve us specifically for some reason. We assume it was because of our advanced old age in comparison to the rest of the patrons and, I tell you, after the service she gave us I am not insulted if that was the reason!  We have only once before in our lives been as pampered and spoiled in a restaurant!  It was glorious and I loved every second of it.

She explained every item on the menu that we had questions about and pointed out similar dishes we might enjoy even more.  She told us which items were gluten free, which came on a bed of rice as compared to the ones with rice in a bowl on the side as compared to which had no rice at all.  She explained, before we could even share our concern regarding MSG that only one dish in the entire restaurant has it, in the sauce for that dish.  She was a walking food encyclopaedia when it comes to the Korean dishes offered there.  She guided us into which 2 items we might enjoy most for sharing and asked us if we would like to try the kimchee on the side.  She brought our dishes to the table and proceeded to ladle out the food to our plates and bowls, she brought us water and drinks before we had a chance to ask for them.  O my...it was WONDERFUL!  If getting old always meant this kind of pampering I would haul out my senior ID every time we ate out.  No one else was getting the service we were getting...yay us!!

The food itself was most delicious.  We think it is one of the best oriental meals we have enjoyed in Regina.  The beef was cooked perfectly and was not floating in or saturated with sauces.  The cabbage on our hot plate was just nicely touched by the heat without completely losing the last bit of crunch.  The carrots were grated and liberally sprinkled throughout both the beef hot plate and the beef stew.  In the stew there were also sliced fresh mushrooms, diced bits of zucchini, (and yes my husband was able to remove them from his own dish so he had no negative reactions after the meal), plus some yam noodles...a favourite of mine.  The rice came in a bowl on the side for both dishes,so I was able to portion out the correct amount for myself and my husband was happy to finish the rest.  Actually there was not a great amount of rice between the 2 dishes, so it was perfect for us. The flavours were exquisite. The kimchee had a nice bite to it that certainly perked up the white sticky rice.  We munched it all down like a couple of wee pigs!

The decor of the restaurant is quite lovely with white and black chairs and tables, white and stone walls and 2 large ceiling fixtures that look like the bottoms of bamboo steaming baskets.  The floor was clean and the lighting very good...we were able to see our food without having bright lights glaring in our faces. The outside of the building doesn't look very up and coming, but the interior has been renovated into a most lovely space.

So the whole experience was a great lot of fun.  Many thanks Shelley for our wonderful evening out!  We are deciding now when we can make our earliest return for another wonderful meal.

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Susan Erlenbach said...

So awesome to read this! Love when someone takes such care. What a marvellous blessing!