Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Drink Treats

We had a marvellous evening with friends last night. During the course of the evening I discovered two new alcoholic taste treats that will bear more experiments in future.

I all ready very much enjoy Williams Chase gin on occasion. Last night I was able to taste test Chase's marmalade vodka and it is glorious! I never did enjoy vodka, even back in the days when I drank far more than I do now. This vodka though is delicious! I sipped away at half an ounce and thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot imagine wanting to mix it with anything as it is delightful on its own. I could handle such a wee nip once every couple of months quite handily!

I also have now tried Ungava gin, distilled beside our own northern Ungava Bay. I have noticed it in the neighbourhood liquor store but the yellow tinge to it rather put me off. Turns out the colour is from the rose hips used in the distilling process. I don't think the Ungava will replace the Williams Chase for me, but with just a dash of grapefruit added, Ungava has its very own brand of delicious!

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