Saturday, February 11, 2017

O Flavia...You Know It Girl!!!!

 I am especially enjoying the series of Flavia de Luce novels by Canadian author Alan Bradley, a Torontonian who spent 25 years teaching at the University of Saskatchewan. I forgive him for leaving Canada to live in Malta, haha.

Here is a quote from Book Three in the series: "A Red Herring Without Mustard".   Flavia's remark at the end of the quote sums up exactly how I feel about people!

She is in the process of sneaking away from home to do her detective work unhindered when, unexpectedly, she comes across the family gardener.

     "As I scrambled out the window and climbed to the ground, I almost stepped on Dogger, who was on his knees in the wet grass.  He got to his feet, lifted his hat, and replaced it.
     "Good afternoon, Miss Flavia."
     "Good afternoon, Dogger."
     "Lovely rain."
     "Quite lovely."
     Dogger glanced up at the golden sky, then went on with his weeding. The very best people are like that. They don't entangle you like flypaper." 

Yup, those are INDEED the best people!


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