Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One Cute Thing I Forgot To Mention

I neglected to mention the very cute thing our vivacious and caring Korean "nanny" server did the other night at dinner. 

When our sizzling hot plate of beef and cabbage arrived at our table, before she dished the food onto our plates for us, she took first my husband's forefinger and then mine, touched them quickly to the edge of the hot plate, then blew on them and said, "Is hot!"

Isn't that cute? 

I suppose our western sensibilities could have been insulted. Although we are approaching senior citizen age and could choose to interpret her words and actions throughout the evening as her treating us as if we are senile, we chose to bask in the spoiling and in being treated as if we are honoured oriental grandparents. 

Remember, taking offence is a choice, right? 

We are plotting our return there! hahahaha We highly doubt we will receive the same level of service, but who cares? The food would be delicious even if we were shunned by the wait staff!

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