Wednesday, February 15, 2017

One Reason I Don't Enjoy International Travel... BUGS!!!

A friend sent me an email this morning after returning to her home in China after a conference in Thailand.  Included in her correspondence is a photo of a water bug that is as big as her husband's hand!  I know this because he is holding the dead thing IN his hand in the photo! This bug was discovered the other morning in their hotel room.


This particular breed of water bug is one of the largest insects in the world, but one of the locals at the conference told them it likely was dead because something even bigger,  still lurking in their rather nice hotel room, likely killed it!  (A rat? A snake? Another even larger bug????) The fellow also told her these bugs can give nasty, painful bites!


Apparently this type of bug is also very talented at faking its death if it feels threatened. As soon as my friend was told this she sent her husband away from the restaurant breakfast table and back to their room to make sure the thing was still in the garbage where he left it. Fortunately it was, but I don't think she slept all the next night wondering if what killed it was still in their room hiding, just waiting to attack her!


I steeled myself when I lived in Japan to cope with the copious quantities of various spiders and other insects that were new to me over there, but I ended up very ill and physically marked up from a spider bite that I got a month before returning to Canada.  Needless to say this has not made the idea of more international travel any more endearing to me.  

My friend's story made me shiver all the way over here in Canada....


I am so very grateful to be living in this prairie city...yes, our suite is filled with more spiders than I ever thought possible in one building and they are big and thick legged enough to make me feel faint every time I spot one crawling around in the basement, or even occasionally...horrors....upstairs where I live, BUT they tend to shy away from human beings.  I have found them in my bedroom in the mornings in the spring and fall once in awhile, but they have not attacked me in the process of stringing webs in the corners of the ceiling overnight, nor when I have shaken them out of my bathrobe that hangs on my bedroom door.  They are also handy for eating other bugs that infiltrate that sad, leaky excuse for a basement.  There is a beautiful lady bug currently residing in the living room/dining room area that we have left alone because obviously if there is a lady bug present day after day there has to be a source of food for it that we are not, and do not wish to be made, aware of!

Bugs...the bane of the planet! 


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